I FINALLY MADE MY OWN VERSION OF BEEF BOURGUIGNON! My own version means that I substituted several ingredients into something I can bought and eat :p So here it is 

- 1/4 kg beef chunks (no fat) 
- Tomato paste 
- Thyme leaves 
- Potato, carrot, and onion (diced chop) 
- Welch's Grape Juice (as the substitute of Red Wine -- I use this brand because it's less sweet and perfect sour and color) 
- Salt, paper, beef stock (powder) 
- Chop cilantro (as garnish) 
- Oil

How to cook
- Put the beef on the skillet with little bit oil on it. Cook it till brown and let the juice of the meat come out. Take it from the skillet and set aside
- Use same skillet and oil (with the juice of the meat), diced onion in. Then carrot and potato. 
- Beef chuck that already pan fried before. In!
- 2 tbsp of tomato paste
- Cook it till little bit soft and tomato paste incorporated. Pour a half of Welch's Grape Juice on it. 
- Add a pinch of dried thyme leaves (use your instinct, do not too much), salt, paper, and beef stock powder.
- Let it cooked for about 20 minutes low-high heat, and strike into the oven for about 30-1 hour. 
- Done! Tasteeeeeeee gooooooooooooooooooooooood OMG 

I should use premium beef chunks to get the best result, tenderness, and the juice. But since this dish was like a 'trial' I used ordinary beef chunks my Mom use to buy. But that's okay, the result was still good FYI. Ha! Definitely will make again in some occasion with my friends. Even though I don't know exactly the original taste of beef bourguignon, but I was quite satisfied because the result was not so bad (it was good actually) and I made it, cooked using Grape Juice as the liquid :p 

The next week, I had no idea what to made for lunch time. But then I felt like I wanted to eat chicken legs. The softest part of chicken, light seasoning, and perfect for lunch time. Roasted Chicken, all over again. But I made it simple for this one. No butter! Indeed it was less buttery, but turned out more light and comfort in my mouth. 

- 2 chicken legs (let skin on) 
- Diced potato, carrot, and onion 
- Dried thyme leaves
- Oil 
- Salt, paper, chicken powder

How to cook
- Dried the chicken legs, and season it with paper, salt, and chicken powder. Rub it evenly. Oops! don't forget the dried thyme leaves, as well. Set aside, and let the simple season absorb into the chicken legs. 
- Do the same for the veggies. Do exactly the same! Easy. 

Just that and strike into the oven, for about 1,5 hours in 200C degree. Arrange as beautiful as you can :p

It was my perfect lunch! Let me visualize the taste for you; easy to pull, soft potato and carrot, tasteful, crispy chicken skin, smell so yum, tender, sweet onion, OMG! So noooow, which one should I make for the special occasion? Beef Bourguignon or Roasted Chicken Legs? :p

Song by: Moonlit Sailor - A Week Without Sunlight 

For the last several weeks, I spent almost my weekend with the dudes; Umar, Handy, Gandhie, Ridho and Erin. Mostly them, but sometimes there are another dudes joined. Since I work, I use my 100% energy from Monday to Friday, to focus only on office things and make sure everything run well. Now I know, why people really need a day off on weekend. I asked mostly to them to meet-up, having easy conversation or sometimes to grumbling about my whole weekdays. Why I didn't ask my dudettes? Well, sometimes the best moment to relax and meet with your friends is when the night's coming. My dudettes lives in suburban, which is not good for them to go outside at night. 

So happy to hear Handy finally employed and will be placed in capital city, and Umar who will be ready for his trainee on December, since he is now part of the biggest electricity company in Indonesia :) It means that, the weekend might not be the same, won't be complete. That's why I asked them to go to the South, just to have a short getaway - having unusual weekend night. But unfortunately, Umar and Gandhie couldn't come along. So it was just 4 of us. Off we go! 

Yogyakarta is the common option that will never go wrong, to me. This city is like 'love-hate' for four of us. I was lost my phone there in Yogyakarta, in the middle of peak of happiness. Handy lost his Laptop and his bag when he was struggling as a job-seeker back then. Erin rejected from Sekolah Vokasi UGM and Ridho left his heart there for the girl he loved. But again, we heart this city with an unknown reasons. Maybe one of them because, there are several second-hand store which sells unique stuffs. Can you imagine, I got well-fine formal trousers only for 10.000!!!! So I think, this why I back to that city again and again. So funny they (dudes) did a shopping just like a girls xD You can see it, you can feel it. Yogyakarta is alive now. Beside, it quite near from Semarang, tho. 

Nuff said! Let's sleep. Haaard weeks is waiting.


Hi! This one is gonna be quite short post about my attempt on food that I want to share to you. So, after such a long time didn't try any kind of food, and stop challenging myself on any kind of recipe, finally this weekend I dare myself to made Seafood Stew! Mom always make traditional and simple seafood (or mostly, mussels) stew using shallot and fingerroot along with a bit sea salt. That's amazing! But this time, I'd like to use not only mussels but also squid and king prawn! HAHAHA I was so serious looked for the green mussels that barely hard to find these days at traditional market, so I went to a big wholsale market only to buy less than 1 kg green mussels cost only IDR 3000. Damn cheap!) 

So, I prepared myself to made this dish since it's all about seafood that need more treatment on how to keep it on the fridge and how to wash it before ready to cooked. After looked for the treatment, then I searched about perfect recipe for my first (serious) attempt on seafood. I got it! Jamie Oliver's seafood recipe. I'm not really referrenced to his recipe, I made some innovation from his recipe instead. If Jamie only using squid, then I used 3 kinds of seafood (green mussels, king prawn and squid) and add some sweet corn for an additional condiment. So, here is the version recipe of my Quick Stewed Seafood with Tomatoes: 

- King Prawn ( 1/4 kg )
- Squid ( 1/4 kg )
- Green Mussels ( 0.3xx kg )
- Sweet Corn ( 1 fresh sweet corn )
- Tomatoes  ( 2 fresh tomatoes: chop tomatoes without seed )
- Bay leaf ( 1 bay leaf ) 
- Onion ( chop onion )
- Oregano 
- Lemon ( Lemon juice and lemon zest )
- Tomato and Chili Sauce ( BUT becaues I rans out of tomato sauce and I only had left-over instant bolognaise sauce at the fridge, so I used that xD ) 
- Coriander ( a bit for a final touches ) 
- Water, paper, salt, sugar, chicken powder, and oil

Spread the oil, and put chop onion and tomatoes on a skillet or pot (whatever you think it's nice for a stewed dish) till it perfectly caramelized. Pour some water along with sweet corn, stir and wait untill it simmering, then put first stars of the day: King Prawn and Green Mussels, ladies and gentleman! xD the last is the squid, which need to put in few minutes before it off from the stove. Why? because we don't want to have a too chewy squidy on you stew dish. Just make it quick when cooked squid. Don't forget to add tomato sauce, chili sauce, (bolognaise sauce), bay leaf, oregano, lemon juice, lemon zest, salt, paper, sugar, and chicken powder. DOOOONNNEEE!! SERRVEEE!! EAATTT!! BARE HAND AND GO WILD! ENJOY YOUR SEAFOOOD AND MAY GOD WITH YOU TO FACE A WEEK AHEAD. 


Picture Courtesy: Dallas Clayton

Here and now, at the Rooftop Bond up above my house, with my oldish Laptop, accompanied by hot lemon tea - I'd like to share a new step of my life. A worker life. When I was a kid, I always wondered that to be a worker must be at the cubical, computer, sitting with phone that always ringing, collect a lot of paper, meeting, presentation, and etc. As a grew up, I start to realized that to be a worker is not always be in a cubical or everything as I imagine. Remember I always waaaant to be an architect, work and always sticking around with paper, pencil, ruler, draw this, browse this, out-of-town duties, super busy, and cool (HAHA!) 

But then I realized all over again that, our dream plan, sometimes (or I don't know exactly) is not the best plan for us. Yap, I dreamed to be an architect but I didn't take architecture in university. I took telecommunication majority, instead. Then I have to 'turn-left' and thinking: What I'm going to be? 

In the end (at least for now) I'll let God to choose the way I should pass, and I'll just ask for the strength to start and finish-whatever what God gives to me. But I still pray for something I really need during my unplanned journey (let's say). There are some point that I asked for so many times, each time after Salat. And if I track back, most of them are granted. Now on. 

Shortly, I'm now working for Business/IT Consultant Company based in Semarang, with the expatriates came from Belgium as my Project Manager and CEO. The employees, most of them are the same age like mine. They are fun and lovable. I really interested to live in diversity. Different culture, different point-of-view, different skin, different background, and different story. All those differences are the things that always be missed. If you think I works in a cubical, then I'll let you know that my workplace is border-less. I just realized this things that with no border, I can feel how we react to each other, directly, face-to-face. And if you think I work 7 days stays in the office, then I'll let you know that I am very mobile person. I go wherever the customer is. And if you think I speak normally in Bahasa, then I'll let you know that I HAVE to speak in English most of the time even in an unprepared presentation. 

Those things are one of my wishlist. Challenging. I pray for something challenging if someday I hired as an employee. To work not just like everybody else.To have a friends that have the same spirit, friendly, caring, who will not give up on each other. To work in diversity (in a good thing). To meet new people, to face them in any situation. 

Yesterday, surprisingly, in the middle of crazy deadline and bunch of issues/bug/or whatever, the management told me that I passed the probation period less than 2 months and I'm officially the employee now. Alhamdulillah. Tho, I need soooooooo many times to learn, to know, to understand about this company and its core business. Because for me (at least for now) it's not all about the money. It's about how I can learn from these experience. Indeed I'm still too young, too new, too innocent about this things, just like a freshman-year, but still I need to be thankful for everything. 

I'm sure that something big deserve better, and effort won't hurt the result. Everything will be paid off someday. I know that. To be honest, as I work not just like somebody else - even in this short time I've ever felt surrender. But once ever said that: 

"I still remember the days I prayed for the things I have now"

So, well.. Alhamdulillah, then :) 

But I still have my another dream-work, wish I get that opportunity someday. Aamiin! :) Hey by the way, the title of this post inspired by what I'm working on now hahahah and FYI, my hot lemon tea already cold as I finished writing this post. Have a wonderful weekend, folks! xx

If you are following my Instagram and my Path, you probably know some of my posts are using #RooftopBond. I don't know exactly why I choose that name. This is actually just a small renovation from a small part of my house, so #RooftopBond is just for fun! Hahaha :D 

You may familiar with picture above as I ever post it in my previous post. My house was built 22 years ago-1993. That's why some of the part has already obsolete and kinda dangerous. It could collapse anytime. Laundry room is one of them. After family discussion, we've decided that we have to fix it immediately. To build or not to build a new room? We finally decided to threw away the ceiling (and change it with the transparent one) and let it borderless, no wall! Not really borderless actually, but we'd like to make it bit open. We need an open space since we live in a coincide house and there's almost no space for 'green-area'. This is good! No need to turn on the lamp at noon because the sun bright directly to our space, we still have a place to drying clothes, little-getaway after work hour to enjoy the wind and expand Mom's greenieeessss! Yay!

As you can see, the before look was so awful. Then I paint it all by myself during the last days of Ramadhan month. EXHAUSTED! But I kinda happy with the result. Add this and that, placed this and that and done! 

The highlight : Lamp! Night view at my #RooftopBond

Today, it's actually haven't done yet because I still need more greenies and 2 high DIY chairs. Well, slowly but sure. All I can present here is the current condition of my #RooftopBond. You know? There are almost no new things beside those 2 cushions from sister-in-law and the greenies. I just put everything I already had - and plan for another DIY things. 

So now, maybe you have to be more sensitive and look around your living. Is there anything you need to be renovated? Discuss with your family. Make things new in the house from the brainstorming of each member of your family is FUN! Sometimes it end-up concept-less (my experience) since there are lot of thoughts, but with a good reference and inspirations, you can express your idea and mix it up with another family member's idea. Keep it economical, no need to make a massive renovation, check your warehouse and try to start DIY. Let's get inspired!

Chillin' out at my #RooftopBond, shall we?

All I can say is Alhamdulillah. The another is Thank You. April 25th 2015 was a big day for me. It was my graduation day. Many thanks to Allah SWT Almighty, to always strengthen me till the day I took the oath as an educated person. Allah would never ease my way without many pray and wishing from people around me, and I would never tough without strong person beside me. Here exclusively I write a post to say thank you for each person who helped me (us) directly or indirectly.

- My (our) parents -- Alm. Abah and Ibu -- Bapak and Ibu (Zulfa's) 
Thank you for your everlasting pray, blessing, and trust. Our whole world owe you. 

- Family 
For family, sisters and brothers, faraway siblings who always pray for me (us) and everlasting support.

- Bapak Thomas Agung 
For always supporting and convincing us from the very first time we tried till the end. To reassure that we could do that, to trust us. 

- Bapak Sarono and Bapak Helmy 
Our adviser, thank you for your time, your knowledge, your courage, your solution. 

- Lectures
To always calm us down and said that everything will ran perfectly, to always remind us to keep trying and pray. 

- Friends! 
Zulfa! My partner! If you read this someday, I just want you to know that you are more than my partner all these time. You are my mentor since high school who patiently taught me some subject I didn't understand, encourage me, support my decisions. My sister who gave me advise, and more than everything. Even though, sometimes we disagree and be at cross purpose, but still we could find the way to say yes and moved forward. You are part of my current successfulness, and I owe you everything. 

Lucy, Tia, Cita, Meta who always support me with their own way. Thaaaaaanks a lot to my dear Lucy who taught me how to arrange database for the first time since I was blind about that. Thank to you and Meta for spending your time and attended to my graduation party. 

Mas Fadly and Danang! My Informatika lads! I owe you guys! Every encourage from Mas Fadly was strengthen me, every theory from Danang could open my mind to try and try again. 

Dimas; neighbor man! Thanks for the short course about CSS. I owe you hahaha

Sidiq : High school friend. Man, thank you for help, your last minute solution H-1 before final project defense. That was hot hot pop! You should know that we solved the problem via whatsapp! Semarang Bandung only for resolving the wrong PHP syntax LOL. Thaaaank you, Man! 

Mega Elinda and Ucup; you guys are I don't know. You helped us a lot with your intelligence hahahahaha but yes you indeed helped us a lot with yout PHP language on your brain. 

PT INTI Bandung and all the hospitality! The people, the opportunity. Pak Rachmat, Pak Parmono, and Mas Esa. You guys are stranger that came into our life and became a part of our successfulness, Thank you. And of course Bandung! The city I didn't frequently visited before. Thanks for the whole story, thanks for not being so rude to us. Can't wait to meet you very soon, someday. InsyaAllah. 

TKC ; Thank you for being you, thank you for every support. You are the part of my college memories. 

PECC mates : One word "LOVABLE!" Thank you for the flowers and your attendance. 

And all of those guys who I couldn't mention one by one, name by name, whoever who helped me (us) - God notice that, barakallah! :) 

Some of you may think that this post is quite tacky, but I need to write this, separately from my another social network such as Path or Instagram to say thank you. Their help are my weapon, and all I can give is this post. I hope you know that their help are always meaningful. I am such a lucky because I always surrounded by encourage people. Support, pray, wish, help, and every little thing always strengthen. 

Wish me luck for another year! 

Thanks to Allah that I'm officially graduated soon as I received the invitation of graduation party this Saturday. This moment is something that I've been waiting for even since the first day of college "Well, I have to graduate right in 2,5 years from now" and I did it. Thanks to my partner for doing final project as we passed all those hard times (Semarang-Bandung routines, you remember?) even since the first time arranged the proposal; we did it and I'll never do this without you.  

With a straightforward mind, I was thinking that I would spend my 'free-time' after the final project session until the graduation party with heart full of happiness. I have to! I deserve; like free-bird "I'm gonna bake this, make this, cook this, try this, try this places, hanging out, pay all those times I didn't spent with friends, blablablabla". 
Yes I did it for about 2 weeks after I passed officially. I even try my luck on a mini project focused on interior design called RAWZ (please take a visit @rawzproject) which is one of my dream that had to be postponed during my busy-crazy-college-times already checked. But then I forgot to spread my wings into the professional occupation. I'm a job-seeker. It slaps me when I realized that some of my closest friends are settled in some company. I'm freeze. I'm happy for them of course! I just confuse to myself. Why I didn't try? Then, yeah! Those happiness and 'free-bird' things somehow has vaporized just like that. It's struggling time. Paper, envelope, and this and that. From all of soooo many job vacancies I have applied, there are few positions and companies that I've been dreaming of to be able to be part of it. The first company may not that huge. In size, it is small actually - but the customers mostly are from US citizen. The background is just like what I love; Arts and Illustrator and they said no need to have an experiences on drawing or something whatever-you-name-it. But then, I was failed. The second one is quite big in size and you MUST know this company. The background is broadcasting media. The position? something that related to creativity. And I think I'm also failed this time (though I would like to say that I still have a chance *but I'm not so sure*)

Picture source here

Let me analyze. My background? Engineering. My objectives? (at least for now) are not from engineering. I just want to follow my heart. I just want to listen the voices that I've been ignored since I don't know when, to give my heart a chance in deciding. Well, I'm not that insane. My priorities are two; I have to work in a BIG company OR I have to work in place where my soul could be happy even under the crazy pressure/deadlines. Just so you know, I cried when I failed on the first job, and I cried so many times wishing for a chance that God given to me in the second job I've applied. 

If I cannot work in a BIG company, at least I have to work in my second priority. But again, it always haunted by another truth and all-those-realistic-things in life (you say it!). I may not alone, but our basic problem each are different I'm sure. I'm not (always) that strong person, I'm quite fragile to be honest but I act that I'm not. Yes I'm fine, but I'm not that fine. My heart, my mind, the way I thought. But I always put a believe in Allah. I pray that Allah could bless my priority for the sake of Allah and people who loves me. I just want to live my life, for the last time till I close my eyes. Maybe I'm just too naive. My sister said that I even haven't start it yet. Well, I don't where's the point of 'start' or when I have to start. I don't want to start in that point wherever it is, I want to start far before that starting point because I'm afraid. Yes I'm just afraid. I'm afraid that I'm late. 

Just afraid.
Please listen.

O, Allah. I miss my Abah.

Haaaaappppyyy new year 2015 all of you, people. To be honest, I've never celebrate the new year's eve outside the house I mean spend the whole night with friends or loved ones in a public space. I hate the traffic, the noise, and somehow I think that it just waste the time (and money, as well). I used to stay at home, watched a family movie with my whole family, made a home made BBQ, and slept after the hilarious firework party in the sky. Simple yet I love the quality time we shared. Just like the previous years, I spent my 2015 new year's eve with my friends this time. Just the same stay at the house, watched a movie (unfinished, actually hahaha), and BBQ party. This NYE event was actually a Home Visit version. So it must be a flyer :p

We visited Kikyo grandma's house at Desa Tuntang. The air is soooooo fresh, there. We passed small forest, hill, and river along the way to the house. Such a great view. We went there by car and some of us by motorcycle. Ayip and I went by motorcycle, so I could feel the cold breeze on my cheek. Kikyo's granny house is soooo simple yet very comfy for us to have a quality time. There's one rule that I really appreciate which was "No gadget during the event". Gadget means our smartphone so, no smartphone during the event. We know that people are getting sakau since the smartphone is on their hand. Sometime it's quite good and helpful, but sometimes, it change people in their REAL-social life in front of them. I definitely didn't mind to save my phone, turned off the data cellular and got mingle with my friends. 

After the opening from Kikyo as the host of that day's event, we collected our phone and did Ashar's Prayer. While waiting for Maghrib Prayer, we just did a conversation, preparing the games and BBQ. We had 'Jagung Bakar' and 'Lele Bakar' that night, ended-up with some Mangoes and Milk from Mas Fadly and  overnight conversation.