To the South with the Lads

Song by: Moonlit Sailor - A Week Without Sunlight 

For the last several weeks, I spent almost my weekend with the dudes; Umar, Handy, Gandhie, Ridho and Erin. Mostly them, but sometimes there are another dudes joined. Since I work, I use my 100% energy from Monday to Friday, to focus only on office things and make sure everything run well. Now I know, why people really need a day off on weekend. I asked mostly to them to meet-up, having easy conversation or sometimes to grumbling about my whole weekdays. Why I didn't ask my dudettes? Well, sometimes the best moment to relax and meet with your friends is when the night's coming. My dudettes lives in suburban, which is not good for them to go outside at night. 

So happy to hear Handy finally employed and will be placed in capital city, and Umar who will be ready for his trainee on December, since he is now part of the biggest electricity company in Indonesia :) It means that, the weekend might not be the same, won't be complete. That's why I asked them to go to the South, just to have a short getaway - having unusual weekend night. But unfortunately, Umar and Gandhie couldn't come along. So it was just 4 of us. Off we go! 

Yogyakarta is the common option that will never go wrong, to me. This city is like 'love-hate' for four of us. I was lost my phone there in Yogyakarta, in the middle of peak of happiness. Handy lost his Laptop and his bag when he was struggling as a job-seeker back then. Erin rejected from Sekolah Vokasi UGM and Ridho left his heart there for the girl he loved. But again, we heart this city with an unknown reasons. Maybe one of them because, there are several second-hand store which sells unique stuffs. Can you imagine, I got well-fine formal trousers only for 10.000!!!! So I think, this why I back to that city again and again. So funny they (dudes) did a shopping just like a girls xD You can see it, you can feel it. Yogyakarta is alive now. Beside, it quite near from Semarang, tho. 

Nuff said! Let's sleep. Haaard weeks is waiting.



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