#WeekendLunch: Quick Stewed Seafood with Tomatoes

Hi! This one is gonna be quite short post about my attempt on food that I want to share to you. So, after such a long time didn't try any kind of food, and stop challenging myself on any kind of recipe, finally this weekend I dare myself to made Seafood Stew! Mom always make traditional and simple seafood (or mostly, mussels) stew using shallot and fingerroot along with a bit sea salt. That's amazing! But this time, I'd like to use not only mussels but also squid and king prawn! HAHAHA I was so serious looked for the green mussels that barely hard to find these days at traditional market, so I went to a big wholsale market only to buy less than 1 kg green mussels cost only IDR 3000. Damn cheap!) 

So, I prepared myself to made this dish since it's all about seafood that need more treatment on how to keep it on the fridge and how to wash it before ready to cooked. After looked for the treatment, then I searched about perfect recipe for my first (serious) attempt on seafood. I got it! Jamie Oliver's seafood recipe. I'm not really referrenced to his recipe, I made some innovation from his recipe instead. If Jamie only using squid, then I used 3 kinds of seafood (green mussels, king prawn and squid) and add some sweet corn for an additional condiment. So, here is the version recipe of my Quick Stewed Seafood with Tomatoes: 

- King Prawn ( 1/4 kg )
- Squid ( 1/4 kg )
- Green Mussels ( 0.3xx kg )
- Sweet Corn ( 1 fresh sweet corn )
- Tomatoes  ( 2 fresh tomatoes: chop tomatoes without seed )
- Bay leaf ( 1 bay leaf ) 
- Onion ( chop onion )
- Oregano 
- Lemon ( Lemon juice and lemon zest )
- Tomato and Chili Sauce ( BUT becaues I rans out of tomato sauce and I only had left-over instant bolognaise sauce at the fridge, so I used that xD ) 
- Coriander ( a bit for a final touches ) 
- Water, paper, salt, sugar, chicken powder, and oil

Spread the oil, and put chop onion and tomatoes on a skillet or pot (whatever you think it's nice for a stewed dish) till it perfectly caramelized. Pour some water along with sweet corn, stir and wait untill it simmering, then put first stars of the day: King Prawn and Green Mussels, ladies and gentleman! xD the last is the squid, which need to put in few minutes before it off from the stove. Why? because we don't want to have a too chewy squidy on you stew dish. Just make it quick when cooked squid. Don't forget to add tomato sauce, chili sauce, (bolognaise sauce), bay leaf, oregano, lemon juice, lemon zest, salt, paper, sugar, and chicken powder. DOOOONNNEEE!! SERRVEEE!! EAATTT!! BARE HAND AND GO WILD! ENJOY YOUR SEAFOOOD AND MAY GOD WITH YOU TO FACE A WEEK AHEAD. 



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