Yay for These Two!

I FINALLY MADE MY OWN VERSION OF BEEF BOURGUIGNON! My own version means that I substituted several ingredients into something I can bought and eat :p So here it is 

- 1/4 kg beef chunks (no fat) 
- Tomato paste 
- Thyme leaves 
- Potato, carrot, and onion (diced chop) 
- Welch's Grape Juice (as the substitute of Red Wine -- I use this brand because it's less sweet and perfect sour and color) 
- Salt, paper, beef stock (powder) 
- Chop cilantro (as garnish) 
- Oil

How to cook
- Put the beef on the skillet with little bit oil on it. Cook it till brown and let the juice of the meat come out. Take it from the skillet and set aside
- Use same skillet and oil (with the juice of the meat), diced onion in. Then carrot and potato. 
- Beef chuck that already pan fried before. In!
- 2 tbsp of tomato paste
- Cook it till little bit soft and tomato paste incorporated. Pour a half of Welch's Grape Juice on it. 
- Add a pinch of dried thyme leaves (use your instinct, do not too much), salt, paper, and beef stock powder.
- Let it cooked for about 20 minutes low-high heat, and strike into the oven for about 30-1 hour. 
- Done! Tasteeeeeeee gooooooooooooooooooooooood OMG 

I should use premium beef chunks to get the best result, tenderness, and the juice. But since this dish was like a 'trial' I used ordinary beef chunks my Mom use to buy. But that's okay, the result was still good FYI. Ha! Definitely will make again in some occasion with my friends. Even though I don't know exactly the original taste of beef bourguignon, but I was quite satisfied because the result was not so bad (it was good actually) and I made it, cooked using Grape Juice as the liquid :p 

The next week, I had no idea what to made for lunch time. But then I felt like I wanted to eat chicken legs. The softest part of chicken, light seasoning, and perfect for lunch time. Roasted Chicken, all over again. But I made it simple for this one. No butter! Indeed it was less buttery, but turned out more light and comfort in my mouth. 

- 2 chicken legs (let skin on) 
- Diced potato, carrot, and onion 
- Dried thyme leaves
- Oil 
- Salt, paper, chicken powder

How to cook
- Dried the chicken legs, and season it with paper, salt, and chicken powder. Rub it evenly. Oops! don't forget the dried thyme leaves, as well. Set aside, and let the simple season absorb into the chicken legs. 
- Do the same for the veggies. Do exactly the same! Easy. 

Just that and strike into the oven, for about 1,5 hours in 200C degree. Arrange as beautiful as you can :p

It was my perfect lunch! Let me visualize the taste for you; easy to pull, soft potato and carrot, tasteful, crispy chicken skin, smell so yum, tender, sweet onion, OMG! So noooow, which one should I make for the special occasion? Beef Bourguignon or Roasted Chicken Legs? :p


  1. Buka ini waktu makan siang, jadi kelaparan :(


  2. Hi! Go get some chicken/beef, then. And start cooking! :D


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