My Stage Plan

Picture Courtesy: Dallas Clayton

Here and now, at the Rooftop Bond up above my house, with my oldish Laptop, accompanied by hot lemon tea - I'd like to share a new step of my life. A worker life. When I was a kid, I always wondered that to be a worker must be at the cubical, computer, sitting with phone that always ringing, collect a lot of paper, meeting, presentation, and etc. As a grew up, I start to realized that to be a worker is not always be in a cubical or everything as I imagine. Remember I always waaaant to be an architect, work and always sticking around with paper, pencil, ruler, draw this, browse this, out-of-town duties, super busy, and cool (HAHA!) 

But then I realized all over again that, our dream plan, sometimes (or I don't know exactly) is not the best plan for us. Yap, I dreamed to be an architect but I didn't take architecture in university. I took telecommunication majority, instead. Then I have to 'turn-left' and thinking: What I'm going to be? 

In the end (at least for now) I'll let God to choose the way I should pass, and I'll just ask for the strength to start and finish-whatever what God gives to me. But I still pray for something I really need during my unplanned journey (let's say). There are some point that I asked for so many times, each time after Salat. And if I track back, most of them are granted. Now on. 

Shortly, I'm now working for Business/IT Consultant Company based in Semarang, with the expatriates came from Belgium as my Project Manager and CEO. The employees, most of them are the same age like mine. They are fun and lovable. I really interested to live in diversity. Different culture, different point-of-view, different skin, different background, and different story. All those differences are the things that always be missed. If you think I works in a cubical, then I'll let you know that my workplace is border-less. I just realized this things that with no border, I can feel how we react to each other, directly, face-to-face. And if you think I work 7 days stays in the office, then I'll let you know that I am very mobile person. I go wherever the customer is. And if you think I speak normally in Bahasa, then I'll let you know that I HAVE to speak in English most of the time even in an unprepared presentation. 

Those things are one of my wishlist. Challenging. I pray for something challenging if someday I hired as an employee. To work not just like everybody else.To have a friends that have the same spirit, friendly, caring, who will not give up on each other. To work in diversity (in a good thing). To meet new people, to face them in any situation. 

Yesterday, surprisingly, in the middle of crazy deadline and bunch of issues/bug/or whatever, the management told me that I passed the probation period less than 2 months and I'm officially the employee now. Alhamdulillah. Tho, I need soooooooo many times to learn, to know, to understand about this company and its core business. Because for me (at least for now) it's not all about the money. It's about how I can learn from these experience. Indeed I'm still too young, too new, too innocent about this things, just like a freshman-year, but still I need to be thankful for everything. 

I'm sure that something big deserve better, and effort won't hurt the result. Everything will be paid off someday. I know that. To be honest, as I work not just like somebody else - even in this short time I've ever felt surrender. But once ever said that: 

"I still remember the days I prayed for the things I have now"

So, well.. Alhamdulillah, then :) 

But I still have my another dream-work, wish I get that opportunity someday. Aamiin! :) Hey by the way, the title of this post inspired by what I'm working on now hahahah and FYI, my hot lemon tea already cold as I finished writing this post. Have a wonderful weekend, folks! xx


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