If you are following my Instagram and my Path, you probably know some of my posts are using #RooftopBond. I don't know exactly why I choose that name. This is actually just a small renovation from a small part of my house, so #RooftopBond is just for fun! Hahaha :D 

You may familiar with picture above as I ever post it in my previous post. My house was built 22 years ago-1993. That's why some of the part has already obsolete and kinda dangerous. It could collapse anytime. Laundry room is one of them. After family discussion, we've decided that we have to fix it immediately. To build or not to build a new room? We finally decided to threw away the ceiling (and change it with the transparent one) and let it borderless, no wall! Not really borderless actually, but we'd like to make it bit open. We need an open space since we live in a coincide house and there's almost no space for 'green-area'. This is good! No need to turn on the lamp at noon because the sun bright directly to our space, we still have a place to drying clothes, little-getaway after work hour to enjoy the wind and expand Mom's greenieeessss! Yay!

As you can see, the before look was so awful. Then I paint it all by myself during the last days of Ramadhan month. EXHAUSTED! But I kinda happy with the result. Add this and that, placed this and that and done! 

The highlight : Lamp! Night view at my #RooftopBond

Today, it's actually haven't done yet because I still need more greenies and 2 high DIY chairs. Well, slowly but sure. All I can present here is the current condition of my #RooftopBond. You know? There are almost no new things beside those 2 cushions from sister-in-law and the greenies. I just put everything I already had - and plan for another DIY things. 

So now, maybe you have to be more sensitive and look around your living. Is there anything you need to be renovated? Discuss with your family. Make things new in the house from the brainstorming of each member of your family is FUN! Sometimes it end-up concept-less (my experience) since there are lot of thoughts, but with a good reference and inspirations, you can express your idea and mix it up with another family member's idea. Keep it economical, no need to make a massive renovation, check your warehouse and try to start DIY. Let's get inspired!

Chillin' out at my #RooftopBond, shall we?


  1. Aku selalu menikmati tulisan mbak Fira yang syuper duper awesome banget :D


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