Home Visit #3 : Rooftop Brunch and Late Lunch

The Home Visit #3 which was held at my house ran soooo well! I feel so happy! I even still feel exhausted from head to toe LOL. Watch out! There are bunch of picture here.

Picture above is actually a laundry! It located between two main rooms at the second floor of my house. Behind that old-greenish door is ironing room and the place where I took this picture is terrace of my room and my sister-in-law's. I was just too attractive to installed the bunting flags everywhere, with flowers and wash machine as the table x) The weather recently was so good in Semarang. Mostly cloudy but not rain that hard. I thought that's perfect weather to start summer holiday and Ramadan Month! 

About fifteen demisioners attended, some of them didn't make any reservation LOL. We shared the dish, and I loooove my Roasted Chicken. The result was even better than my fist attempt. Golden beautiful, crisp outside (and lil bit burn on the surface because my roaster is turn out so small for my chicken LOL but still so good)

Soda Lemonade ft. Nice Weather! Love love.
 Bunting flags madness!

 Spoiler : Shoe Shelves my messy room

 Last home visit was actually to celebrate our achievement as the best UKM 2013/2014. I made them a chocolate flour-less cake but I used too many white eggs. The result was still good but end up like chocolate pudding. LOL! Need more experiment and practice, I guess x)

 Most of them really use chill square pattern shirt as the dress code LOL. Some of them text me to asked how if they couldn't find/wear square pattern shirt. Of course it was totally alright, it just for fun. Not that real. I'm appreciate your attendance instead. Love you guys!


See you on the next Home Visit! (maybe)
See you when I see you.
Happy Fasting! 


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