The Home Visit #3 which was held at my house ran soooo well! I feel so happy! I even still feel exhausted from head to toe LOL. Watch out! There are bunch of picture here.

Picture above is actually a laundry! It located between two main rooms at the second floor of my house. Behind that old-greenish door is ironing room and the place where I took this picture is terrace of my room and my sister-in-law's. I was just too attractive to installed the bunting flags everywhere, with flowers and wash machine as the table x) The weather recently was so good in Semarang. Mostly cloudy but not rain that hard. I thought that's perfect weather to start summer holiday and Ramadan Month! 

About fifteen demisioners attended, some of them didn't make any reservation LOL. We shared the dish, and I loooove my Roasted Chicken. The result was even better than my fist attempt. Golden beautiful, crisp outside (and lil bit burn on the surface because my roaster is turn out so small for my chicken LOL but still so good)

Soda Lemonade ft. Nice Weather! Love love.
 Bunting flags madness!

 Spoiler : Shoe Shelves my messy room

 Last home visit was actually to celebrate our achievement as the best UKM 2013/2014. I made them a chocolate flour-less cake but I used too many white eggs. The result was still good but end up like chocolate pudding. LOL! Need more experiment and practice, I guess x)

 Most of them really use chill square pattern shirt as the dress code LOL. Some of them text me to asked how if they couldn't find/wear square pattern shirt. Of course it was totally alright, it just for fun. Not that real. I'm appreciate your attendance instead. Love you guys!


See you on the next Home Visit! (maybe)
See you when I see you.
Happy Fasting! 

Cooking is my new escape from sorrow. I still in sorrow by the way (I know I know, is getting overrated) Well, being in grocery or stationer's is much happier than being in shopping center for me. Seriously! Watching all of those green and fresh fish, meats or adoring the cute stationer's stuffs are my pleasure. Last weekend, I decided to went home (due to my mourning moment, I need to go home) and tried a Roasted Chicken recipe.

I' gonna held a summer party by the end of this month. I invited some of my friends to come to my house, and this dish will be our main course. In early morning, I started with looked for a whole perfect chicken and some side dish. For the details, here I show you the ingredients of what I need to make this roasted chicken :
- A whole chicken (it's about 1 kg. Don't forget to wash it and dry it with paper towel.)
- Sweet Corn
- Onions
- Garlics
- Lemon Slices
- Oyster sauces (Here's the different, in some Roasted Chicken Recipes I found, it doesn't need an oyster sauce, but this time I put about a table spoon of oyster sauce just because I think oyster sauce and chicken is a perfect combination)
- Chili flakes
- Black pepper
- Salt 
- Butter
- Chicken Powder 
- Dried Oregano 

Notes : watch out about the cross contamination on your cutting board. You better treat your vegetables first before the chicken. Again, sorry if I'm not dropping some photos during the process of making this roasted chicken, I was home alone and nobody took a proper picture of the process so, pardon, yes? ;)

Here we go : 
Cut the corn, slice the onion a bit ticker, chop the garlic and dice the another one
Take a bowl to start mixing the spices. Put along, butter, chopped garlic, oyster sauce, salt, pepper/blackpepper, chicken powder, chili flakes, and oregano. Mix them up!
Done with the spices mixture and veggies, set aside. Let's treat the chicken. This is important to make your chicken quite dry/moist. Don't let your chicken watering/there's a water on your chicken. dry it up perfectly, to make it easy to seasoning the chicken skin/surface. 
Spread your spices mixture into the whole chicken surface.
Put the slice onion, diced garlic, and lemon slice inside the chicken body. Put along the corn into the tray, around the chicken
Pre-heat the oven 425F or about 220C, and roast the chicken for about 1 hour and 30 minutes (mine) or 1 hours 45 minutes or more to get the crispy golden brownish chicken skin

Et VoilĂ !

The chicken may looked pale, but trust me that was cooked very well. Tender inside, crispy and tasty outside. Make sure to roast your chicken properly and there's no pink juice when you test by slicing the chicken legs. You won't eat your tasty chicken with Salmonella bacteria inside, right? If 1 hour 45 minutes with 220C is not enough you can increase it or roast it little longer (based on your oven) but my chicken with that size, roasted enough for 1 hour and 30 minutes. You should try! I even pulled the chicken legs easily. Effortless! DAT CHICKEN WAS SOOOOOO DAMN GOOD!

"..Well life has a funny way of sneaking up on you
When you think everything's okay and everything's going right

Life is funny, and surprising you every minute. Have you ever been in a situation where you feel super-extra-continuous happy at the same time, then suddenly something happened which make you feel super-extra-continuous upset into the deep? How to say it without looks so pathetic. Yes I have. 

Last week was my mix-up day. Speedy NBL Indonesia season 2013-2014 Championship Series was held at Jogjakarta. Being here for about 5 month and had a chance to watch the Grand Final live is actually not my plan. It was just coincidentally, and I'm in my best luck. I'm in!

"This is gonna be my last year watching this season's finale live! I'm gonna be the witness who's gonna be the champion this season. I just can't wait. I'm gonna watch my favorite players, my favorite teams! I won't be focus at the office only for this week. I'm gonna feel the atmosphere of basketball court, the noise, squeak of basketball shoes! YaAllah I just can't wait!" 

Shortly, I came to the Grand Final along with my friends, Handy, Roga, Dwiki, and July. My happiness was complete for not coming alone at the Grand Final, right? But my happiness has stopped after I realize that I lost my phone. 10 minute before I lost my phone, my camera roll was fulfilled with the picture of me and Yudhi (PJE#41), Ary Chandra (PJE#25), Hendru Ramli (PJE#31), Andi 'Batam' (PJE#5), Ponsianus 'Komink' (PJE#13), and Kelly (PJE#3). I was in the top of my happiness. Happiness to the peak! In a minutes later, all gone. ALL GONE!!

This phone I bought as the present of my achievement on college, to give an appreciation for my last GPA. I deserve something better. I saved my money almost a year to have this thing, I kept my money from every income. I hold myself for not buying a pair of my favorite kicks this time. Mom and Dad always taught me to save my own money if I want to have some stuff, at least let Mom and Dad add the rest of it, not whole of it. They might could buy this thing for me, but that's not the point. Mom and Dad hope that by saving money, struggling to achieve something could make everything means a lot, that there's an effort behind the story of things I have. I know I've been very childish to crying over this thing, but this mean that  I have to start it from the very beginning. Save my money from the very beginning. Does it need a year again? :( 

I spent the day after I lost my phone at home, to shocked and took time to introspection, and then the next day spent to shocked and introspection (again) and a bit cry. I just bought it less than 2 month and I have to lost it this fast. Maybe this is for balancing. God sent me an infinitive happiness, then sent me an infinitive sadness at the same time. I lost my phone 10 minutes before the Grand Final started. 10 minute! With all those laser party, music, dark court, stunning laser dance. Can you imagine how I felt? I really had no idea, I just watched all those fanfare, but I felt nothing. The day that I was waiting for a long time, the day that supposed to be the perfect day ever, end-up with flat feelings ever. 

Humans will never understand what's God plan by this incident. I am strong enough to finally write an entry about what happened to me. Maybe for some people who read this, think that I'm just overreacting. It's okay about your opinion or maybe you have to feel the same way like me. Not your phone for example, It might be happen to your favorite sneakers? your favorite t-shirt? camera or something that you think means a lot for your life, because sometimes there's a story behind your stuff, the struggling, the effort to have that thing. It may priceless and irreplaceable. 

By this entry, I'd like to inform you that I temporarily couldn't reached via line/whatsapp/path/twitter/facebook for mobile direct information. Twitter and Facebook might possible but not directly anymore. You can send me simple text message to my oldish phone number. Well, see you when I see you :)

I am so haaaaappy to finally could bring this baby home as my late birthday gift from myself. Yap! Since few years ago I try to appreciate myself by giving a birthday present on my own birthday hehehehehe I once bought myself shoes then this time I bought something different. You know I like cooking lately. For me, cooking is another way to express myself beside painting and drawing. I love how some ingredients combined well and turns out good in taste. I've been looked for so many recipes and saved it to my drive, many various of dish, from Asian cuisine, Mexican, Western, Indonesian, France, and so on. Mostly, I prefer to look for some dish who has simple ingredients and easy to be found here. Homecook is my motto! 
Some of the recipes I found must be cooked using oven/microwave. I tried to get rid of recipes that using an oven. Then someday, I realized that too many recipes using an oven that I get rid of. Until someday, my sister-in-law asked me to cook her some Salmon. She ate more Salmon since doctor said that she's pregnant. That was the first time I treat Salmon. I had to be so careful to treat 'em due to the texture. It's fragile and breakable. The most recommendation I  found on internet that time was Pan Seared Salmon. It was the simplest one. Seasoning then sear. I have to sear the salmon, then roast it briefly. Salmon shouldn't over-cooked on pan, just make them crispy and brownish on the outside then cooked the inside by roasting it into the oven, but I end up by burning the Salmon on pan T.T because I thought the inside are still bloody, you know my sister-in-law cannot eat raw fish because she's pregnant. It was still good but, my sis end-up by oiling his mouth :( Ok well, I think it's time to have an oven! 

Small, affordable, low watt, and easy to use. Here it is : 

 Kirin KBO-90M 
I should bought one series upper than this, but the watt is higher.

Yayy! I'm a happy kid! I bought with my own money that I saved last week. My first attempt was cake. I used to hate making a cake. Why? Because it requires precise calculation on each ingredients and I have no idea about grams, ons, kg, cups and whatsoever. Plus, we cannot fix the cake if it turns out different from what it should be, hahahaha! I used to add this and that if I got fail in food experiment hahahaha but this time I'd like to challenge myself. Started from the easiest and unusual one; Flourless Chocolate Cake. 

I found this recipe from Bleubird that attracts my intention because it Flour-less. No need to pour some flour! All you need are just these five simple ingredients that must be found near house : 
(adjust the number based on your brass and portion, mine is about 10 centimeter for the diameter)

  • 6-7 eggs
  • 250 gr Dark Chocolate
  • 2 tbs of Sugar
  • 1 ons Salted Butter (Mrs. James suggest to use unsalted but I couldn't find it)
  • Sugar Powder to give a snowy effect on the cake hehe

1. Separate the eggs yolk and white eggs into the different bowl. 
2. Chop the Dark Chocolate Bar into pieces and steam it. After it perfectly melted, add 1 ons of salted butter into melted chocolate and stir. (The smell of butter and chocolate are everlasting good!)
3. Mix the eggs yolk and sugar until it looked pale yellow.
4. Mix the white eggs until it looks like meringue. You have to add some sugar to make it like meringue. I did.
5. Slowly pour your chocolate melted into the mixed egg yolk. NOTE: let the chocolate melted a bit chill to avoid your egg yolk turned into scramble egg. It will looked like this : 

I choose to mix it again with mixer machine a little bit to make them fused perfectly. I brought along my phone to cheat the recipes hehehehe

6. After that, add your meringue-looks-alike (your whipped white eggs) and stir it slowly until it perfectly fused. DO NOT USE MIXER MACHINE!
7. Spread the butter on your brass surface, then pour the mixture onto your brass. 
8. While pouring your mixture or spread the butter on your brass, you have to pre-heat your oven. I did it on 250 degrees for 5 minutes before I bake. 
9. After that, put it into the oven and bake it about 50 minutes
10. 50 minutes passed, and done! Serve and dust with sugar powder and berries or orange just like mine!

*This is important to remind that you have you know the character of your oven. I set my oven on 250 degrees during baking, and took about 50 minutes. The result was totally good & succeed! The taste, the texture, moist inside and it taste like chocolate galore, but the surface was a bit burn. I had to get rid of that burning part of my cake. I think with this oven, I had to set lower degrees than 250 or maybe takes 10 minutes earlier than 50 minutes. It may different with yours, so explore your oven

I hope you are inspired to make yours at home. Mom, aunt, brother, and my sister-in-law really likes it! I took 3 pieces of my cake to Jogjakarta and let my sister try it as well. She's the 1st fan of my Flour-less cake. This is what will I make on home visit at my house this month as a dessert! Yayness!

Last night was quite good. I spent the night by watching DO OR DIE game of NBL Indonesia Championship Series 2013-2014 Pelita Jaya Energi Jakarta vs Stadium Jakarta to fight a ticket to Semifinal. Well, Pelita Jaya Energi won that game. Go to the semifinal and will face Aspac Jakarta to fight a ticket to Grand Final. After got home, I saw one more fight. Something that I hadn't noticed lately, whereas all the people in this country frequently talk about it through media social. Twitter, Instagram, meme/funny post on Path, Facebook, and etc you name it. Debate Candidates of President; Prabowo Subianto, Hatta Rajasa from Gerindra Party & Joko Widodo, Jusuf Kalla from PDIP Party.This year, Indonesia will held the biggest Democracy Party on Pemilu 2014 as the end of SBY's term on his 2nd period.

I used to like talk about politics, government, minister, and so on related to the state, (that's why I wanted to entry FISIP back then) but after so many fake mission and vision, injustice, violation of human right, huge corruption, conspiracy, harness the power, I feel so so so so so so damn fed up with politics or something related to it. I may not really understand about politics, I'm not even study politics on college. To be honest, those two candidates of President are not attract my attention, yes it was. First time on Pemilu 9 April I prefer to chose Gerindra, which is Prabowo Subianto as the Chairman of that party. Why? It was simply because he's a big man, looked resolute, gallant, looked convincing, and 'Presiden banget' (physically), although at the end, I didn't came along to chose because I was in Jogjakarta already and had no chance to come back home. Then, PDIP was on top, shortly the chairman of PDIP, Megawati Soekarnoputri gave a mandate to Joko Widodo to run for President of Republic of Indonesia 2014-2019. He said yes and collaborated with Jusuf Kalla (Former Vice President of Republic of Indonesia 2004-2009). Prabowo Subianto is also run for President of Republic of Indonesia 2014-2019, collaborated with Hatta Rajasa (Former Ministry of Economy, Father of a boy behind traffic accident which was kill few victims, and that boy is now free). I know all those candidates are great man with cool educational background, with their previous position was also not in doubt. Joko Widodo hasn't finished his job yet to change Jakarta with Basuki Tjahaja Purnama a.k.a Ahok as the Vice of Governor. Some people think that Joko Widodo is only a doll of Megawati. It make sense. As the time goes by, the rumors and history behind the candidates are float. Prabowo turned out to be involved with '98 case. Rumors about pro-America, and whatsoever. I got more confuse. 

My confusing is getting bigger and bigger when I read people's opinions about Prabowo Hatta & Jokowi JK, flooded on twitter timeline, celeb-Instagram comments, thread on KasKus, and news portal. Continuous everyday. Some are make sense and acceptable, some are silly and make me laugh. Brother ask me to sensitive, and intelligently choose by reading trusted source and browse their track-record for a better Indonesia (but I think he's 'STANDONTHERIGHTSIDE' if you know what I mean). This country is also has a right. Right to brought by someone who understand about the character of this country, and about the people who lives in this archipelago. Who's gonna determine? Us. Last night's debate has kick me out to be more sensitive and respect, to be more willing to search the information about Prabowo Hatta and JokowiJK. But now, I'm undecided. At all. 

I saw something the same on yesterday's fight. Both Basketball and Candidates of President have to reach one thing. To win, and then responsibility will following.