Life Has A Funny Way

"..Well life has a funny way of sneaking up on you
When you think everything's okay and everything's going right

Life is funny, and surprising you every minute. Have you ever been in a situation where you feel super-extra-continuous happy at the same time, then suddenly something happened which make you feel super-extra-continuous upset into the deep? How to say it without looks so pathetic. Yes I have. 

Last week was my mix-up day. Speedy NBL Indonesia season 2013-2014 Championship Series was held at Jogjakarta. Being here for about 5 month and had a chance to watch the Grand Final live is actually not my plan. It was just coincidentally, and I'm in my best luck. I'm in!

"This is gonna be my last year watching this season's finale live! I'm gonna be the witness who's gonna be the champion this season. I just can't wait. I'm gonna watch my favorite players, my favorite teams! I won't be focus at the office only for this week. I'm gonna feel the atmosphere of basketball court, the noise, squeak of basketball shoes! YaAllah I just can't wait!" 

Shortly, I came to the Grand Final along with my friends, Handy, Roga, Dwiki, and July. My happiness was complete for not coming alone at the Grand Final, right? But my happiness has stopped after I realize that I lost my phone. 10 minute before I lost my phone, my camera roll was fulfilled with the picture of me and Yudhi (PJE#41), Ary Chandra (PJE#25), Hendru Ramli (PJE#31), Andi 'Batam' (PJE#5), Ponsianus 'Komink' (PJE#13), and Kelly (PJE#3). I was in the top of my happiness. Happiness to the peak! In a minutes later, all gone. ALL GONE!!

This phone I bought as the present of my achievement on college, to give an appreciation for my last GPA. I deserve something better. I saved my money almost a year to have this thing, I kept my money from every income. I hold myself for not buying a pair of my favorite kicks this time. Mom and Dad always taught me to save my own money if I want to have some stuff, at least let Mom and Dad add the rest of it, not whole of it. They might could buy this thing for me, but that's not the point. Mom and Dad hope that by saving money, struggling to achieve something could make everything means a lot, that there's an effort behind the story of things I have. I know I've been very childish to crying over this thing, but this mean that  I have to start it from the very beginning. Save my money from the very beginning. Does it need a year again? :( 

I spent the day after I lost my phone at home, to shocked and took time to introspection, and then the next day spent to shocked and introspection (again) and a bit cry. I just bought it less than 2 month and I have to lost it this fast. Maybe this is for balancing. God sent me an infinitive happiness, then sent me an infinitive sadness at the same time. I lost my phone 10 minutes before the Grand Final started. 10 minute! With all those laser party, music, dark court, stunning laser dance. Can you imagine how I felt? I really had no idea, I just watched all those fanfare, but I felt nothing. The day that I was waiting for a long time, the day that supposed to be the perfect day ever, end-up with flat feelings ever. 

Humans will never understand what's God plan by this incident. I am strong enough to finally write an entry about what happened to me. Maybe for some people who read this, think that I'm just overreacting. It's okay about your opinion or maybe you have to feel the same way like me. Not your phone for example, It might be happen to your favorite sneakers? your favorite t-shirt? camera or something that you think means a lot for your life, because sometimes there's a story behind your stuff, the struggling, the effort to have that thing. It may priceless and irreplaceable. 

By this entry, I'd like to inform you that I temporarily couldn't reached via line/whatsapp/path/twitter/facebook for mobile direct information. Twitter and Facebook might possible but not directly anymore. You can send me simple text message to my oldish phone number. Well, see you when I see you :)


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