One or Two

Last night was quite good. I spent the night by watching DO OR DIE game of NBL Indonesia Championship Series 2013-2014 Pelita Jaya Energi Jakarta vs Stadium Jakarta to fight a ticket to Semifinal. Well, Pelita Jaya Energi won that game. Go to the semifinal and will face Aspac Jakarta to fight a ticket to Grand Final. After got home, I saw one more fight. Something that I hadn't noticed lately, whereas all the people in this country frequently talk about it through media social. Twitter, Instagram, meme/funny post on Path, Facebook, and etc you name it. Debate Candidates of President; Prabowo Subianto, Hatta Rajasa from Gerindra Party & Joko Widodo, Jusuf Kalla from PDIP Party.This year, Indonesia will held the biggest Democracy Party on Pemilu 2014 as the end of SBY's term on his 2nd period.

I used to like talk about politics, government, minister, and so on related to the state, (that's why I wanted to entry FISIP back then) but after so many fake mission and vision, injustice, violation of human right, huge corruption, conspiracy, harness the power, I feel so so so so so so damn fed up with politics or something related to it. I may not really understand about politics, I'm not even study politics on college. To be honest, those two candidates of President are not attract my attention, yes it was. First time on Pemilu 9 April I prefer to chose Gerindra, which is Prabowo Subianto as the Chairman of that party. Why? It was simply because he's a big man, looked resolute, gallant, looked convincing, and 'Presiden banget' (physically), although at the end, I didn't came along to chose because I was in Jogjakarta already and had no chance to come back home. Then, PDIP was on top, shortly the chairman of PDIP, Megawati Soekarnoputri gave a mandate to Joko Widodo to run for President of Republic of Indonesia 2014-2019. He said yes and collaborated with Jusuf Kalla (Former Vice President of Republic of Indonesia 2004-2009). Prabowo Subianto is also run for President of Republic of Indonesia 2014-2019, collaborated with Hatta Rajasa (Former Ministry of Economy, Father of a boy behind traffic accident which was kill few victims, and that boy is now free). I know all those candidates are great man with cool educational background, with their previous position was also not in doubt. Joko Widodo hasn't finished his job yet to change Jakarta with Basuki Tjahaja Purnama a.k.a Ahok as the Vice of Governor. Some people think that Joko Widodo is only a doll of Megawati. It make sense. As the time goes by, the rumors and history behind the candidates are float. Prabowo turned out to be involved with '98 case. Rumors about pro-America, and whatsoever. I got more confuse. 

My confusing is getting bigger and bigger when I read people's opinions about Prabowo Hatta & Jokowi JK, flooded on twitter timeline, celeb-Instagram comments, thread on KasKus, and news portal. Continuous everyday. Some are make sense and acceptable, some are silly and make me laugh. Brother ask me to sensitive, and intelligently choose by reading trusted source and browse their track-record for a better Indonesia (but I think he's 'STANDONTHERIGHTSIDE' if you know what I mean). This country is also has a right. Right to brought by someone who understand about the character of this country, and about the people who lives in this archipelago. Who's gonna determine? Us. Last night's debate has kick me out to be more sensitive and respect, to be more willing to search the information about Prabowo Hatta and JokowiJK. But now, I'm undecided. At all. 

I saw something the same on yesterday's fight. Both Basketball and Candidates of President have to reach one thing. To win, and then responsibility will following.


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