I'm actually not in a good feeling. My days passed so hard recently, and I have to prepared my heart more than usual. I met so many.. you know 'fluctuation' deep down here. I have to be more mature to act, to take the decision, to think, to stand alone by my own legs. Some people say, life is a joke -- enjoy it -- but I'm not a person like that. So many things happen in my life. My dad was sick, couldn't reach goal for my education background, blind to the life that increasingly change day by day, and so on. I'm sad. To be honest I feel soooooo sad, but one thing that I know everything happens for a reason. I just haven't found it yet. The reasons...

By the way, in a couple days ahead we are gonna leave this wonderful 2012 era. Watching my archieve on the side bar of this blog, I'm such a busy person in this year, right? Just see it, I even wrote the posts less than 100 in one year! Oh my God how lazy. Turning back to the first month on this year in January 2012 the month when I loved to practice cooking so much, I met a cute cat named Healer or Catchy (whatever), my 19th birthday with Lucy and Tia that slept over at night, got my college..., explored Kudus with Lucy and Zulfa, running my art business independently, my graduation, the sweetest farewell party ever, start my new life as the collegian, joined AIESEC, new love story, got my 1st trophy and still gaiiiiiin more experiences of life that always changing every single day. I don't know, if my life, all that I've had, and wrote here will inspire people out there or not. I just craved my own history, and immortalize it in a simple words. I do made some failure, met a lot of dissapointment and maybe there are some people were dissapointed at me too, but again I said, it's about 'fluctuation' deep down here. Should I make the spiritfire-resolution list for facing the 2013 era? Ah.. let me think about what I am going to write for next year's resolution while I'm going to sleep :) Good night!

Hoooooolidaaaaay! Oh God, Alhamdulillah finally I got few days ahead to take some rest physically after these hard weeks before. Actually, I've made some appointment with my friends to fulfill our holiday for about one week from now. Firstly first, I'd like to tell you that I'm just joined English Camp on my campus agenda that already held on 23-24 December 2012. I feel so happy that I got that opportunity to joining this camp because that was the first time camp agenda on my campus, and it free of charge! With all of the facilities that has given, I think this event should be held regulary every year :D I enjoyed every session, and my favourite session is debate game! I got debate game card from every judges hahahahaha I love arguing something ;p Every material that we've talk about is something that related to Eco or act to save our planet from global warming issues. It was fun! I am my self honestly is very concern about this, especially about throw the rubbish on the trash bin. This is such a SIMPLE thing and EASIEST way to do, but some of them are just throw where ever they want to. So sad.... 

We were divided into some groups and I was selected with Afin, Rizal, Mukti, Ardhan from Accounting, Vina from Civil Engineering, and Ofa from Electrical Engineering, the name of our groups is The Ambassador team! Yeay.. we are the next generation, we are the ambassador of our planet :p I'm so happy met those cool guys from another department! We were elected as the Most 'Gokil' Groups on that event, our team leader, Afin was elected as the Most Cheerful Leader, and I am my self was elected as the Most Active Participant in English Eco Camp 2012 :D Aaaa so happy! Actually, this is my first throphy in life :p Thankyou so muchh for my LO, Ms. Farikha :D 

See you guuuuuuuys :') 

Ps: Wish you a Merry Christmas, for you who celebrate it! Jingle.. jingle.. :D 

.. Oh, and watched movie on time! 

It's fun when you spent your time enjoying art and culture. I feel so thankful because I was made to love art and crazy about it. I know I'm not the one who crazy about arts, there're many people even crazier than me and willing to spend the rest of their life to art, or take the decision - leaving their job and turned to the world of art to find their true desire of life. They are so brave. I'm happy that the government of the capital city of Semarang concern about culture and art that compiled from a combination of four different cultures and still exists in this city. Javanesse, China, Arabic, and Holland (Netherland). Last night, my friends and I visited Pandanaran Art Festival, which is held along the Pemuda Street. This event is held overnight and run out today at 9 a.m. The event was show the cultures from every ethnic. Traditional dance, traditional music and arrangement, food festival, market, and it sorted by cultures itself. The event was quite fun, but I don't know there were something missing about the event.

The booth from the people who have a hand from heaven

Well, I met so many people there. I met my friends from Aiesec members (eventhough I didn't get to greet them), I met Tery and Irma, I met my senior.

And finally I met Mbak Renny! She was on the Uchese Al Achmed Photography and they open the photobooth with the theme of Arabian Night :p Ridho, Handy, Hanafi, and I were tried it hahahahaha I can't wait to see the result. From the entire of booth, I think this booth from UAA was the prepared well. The booth was very comfy and full of properties and of course wardrobe x) UAA is Professional Photography which is located in Semarang. Just jump to their site on www.uchesealachmed.com or facebook here to know more about.

But, mbak Renny said there's something wrong with the printed machine so I could receive the print-out result right now. It'll send soon :)

Bokeh picture taken by me :D 

I hope, the event such like this routinely held every year :) 

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” 
| Pablo Picasso

Ah it's been a loooong time since the last time I wrote something in this site. I miss Lost In Europe. There are so much thing I wanna share hahahaha but now I'll write something about my last meeting with Gege! My cyberspace-sister meet in person this weekend. Yeay!

So, some of you may think that (nowadays) friends could be found even in cyberspace though, but words that may come to you first is such as twitter or facebook. So do I. But I know this girl, far away from here, different city, different ages, different point of view and I meet her through blog. This blog. Lost in Europe is created on 2009, then few years later I found http://www.gheasafferina.com (hey she just updated her domain, she got free from her aunty) then we had a good time sharing about anything, we were also approaching our another social media and getting closer. And last weekend, we had a chance to met up! Ghea is such a gooooooood girl. To be honest, I am myself would not that brave visiting Semarang from Jogjakarta for the first time, and alone, just to meet me in person. She actually from Malang, East Java but she's on the internship for 3 months in Jogjakarta. So there she goes, I welcomed her and already prepared some place to go on the next day. 

Fisrt, we visited Ace Hardware on Saturday night. I got no idea where we should go. Almost every place in Semarang that night was very crowded. Some stuff was made us sad, because there are too cute. Overcute!

On Sunday, I asked Ghea to wake up early morning and let her sunday morning relaxing stay at the bed then  drive her looking for some breakfast. We also visited 'Kota Lama'. I know Ghea must be excited about it, she's just like me, the girl with her camera hanging on the neck :p

Back home, then we ready to the next destination on that day. Ouh, I was also inviting Lucy to come along with us. You know, she's also a blogger and sometimes visiting Ghea's blog as well. I thank so much to Lucy who accompanied us that day, it must be flat day exploring Semarang without Lucy <3 nbsp="nbsp" p="p">

Ah nothing can I say, I feel so happy meeting this girl. She's smart, and brave. She has a good personality and could adaptation well. My dad and my mom, also like Ghea. They accepted Ghea well and warm. It's amazing how'd we shared the bed, shared everything about our life before went to sleep, shared about our love story, we talked like we are old friends. I feel like I have a lil sister.

She talked a lot about her family, her friends, her last achievements, her new (and cute) boyfriend. Someday, I have to visit her back on her city, Malang. InsyaAllah... Nice to meet you, Gege! I hope we have much more time to meet up again, soon :)

Meet up is fun! Who's next? :)

*several photos was taken by mine and Ghea's camera ;) she is a good photographer 

Aaaah.. I have no idea what I have to say about my last holiday. I spent my whole 3-days joining the conference of Aiesec LC Undip, we called it Semarang Youth Conference. The conference held at Wisma Pusdiklat BKK Jateng, and it quite near from my house. The conference started at 2 p.m at noon, here's the story begin. As a member from another college, I felt so nervous. I wondered what should I do after I touchdown the venue, what should I do when the first time I meet my team, meet my room-mates, how their reaction when they know that I'm not from Diponegoro (eventhough my college used to be the foundation of Diponegoro University, and it was called Politeknik Undip). On the way to the venue, I was thinking about it again and again. Maybe it's too over reacting, but ... I couldn't explain how it feel 

I entered the venue with Sinta (I met her in last welcoming party) and the other one (I didn't get to know her name), then we lost -_- but Alhamdulillah, soon we got our lobby and our room. Me and Sinta, got the same lobby but different room. Then I meet my team and I acquainted with another member of team. Yeay! So far, I was enjoying the conference sooo much untill the end session. There were so many thing that I couldn't explain one by one. I met Kak Pipin from AIESEC Indonesia and she's the chair of the conference. She's smart, beautifull, spritifull, she's inspiring all of the delegates and of course.. she was surprising :) *if you know what I mean* :p

that was when we got the punishment bcz we came late to the plenary. That's me. Half -_-

sat at the first line with Fina. Actually I sat between two Fina there :p Wey!

we were transformer! Eagle!

cool session with Oma, Board of Advisor AIESEC LC Undip (I don't know exactly her name ._.)

beach party! wuhuuu..

Beach party, UD red knight photoshoot, stick our dream to the world, connection time with every departement, project simulation, Awarding Night (early morning) :p, Roll dance, and every session that has given is means a lot for me. The awesome delegates, my room mates (Grace, Glory, and Gittrys), my partner of session Wafda Afina, Andini, Widi, and the others, my partner of project simulation (Asti, Mende, Ardyanti, Glory, Son, Jefri, Sekar, hahahaha how's our event guys? :p), Adisti, Tata, Firdha, Lintang, Teni,  aaannddd every delegates I met, the OCs, Facis, inspiring guests.. Ahhh... lovely.

I met my partner. The same-chubby-cheek :p

trio chubby-cheek :p

Those are some picture that I took, um but not that good because my phone camera is not sophicticated anymore :( but few I got from Kak Evi Teja Kusuma 's photo album on facebook :D Just jump to the link for grab the picture of you/tagged