English Eco Camp 2012

Hoooooolidaaaaay! Oh God, Alhamdulillah finally I got few days ahead to take some rest physically after these hard weeks before. Actually, I've made some appointment with my friends to fulfill our holiday for about one week from now. Firstly first, I'd like to tell you that I'm just joined English Camp on my campus agenda that already held on 23-24 December 2012. I feel so happy that I got that opportunity to joining this camp because that was the first time camp agenda on my campus, and it free of charge! With all of the facilities that has given, I think this event should be held regulary every year :D I enjoyed every session, and my favourite session is debate game! I got debate game card from every judges hahahahaha I love arguing something ;p Every material that we've talk about is something that related to Eco or act to save our planet from global warming issues. It was fun! I am my self honestly is very concern about this, especially about throw the rubbish on the trash bin. This is such a SIMPLE thing and EASIEST way to do, but some of them are just throw where ever they want to. So sad.... 

We were divided into some groups and I was selected with Afin, Rizal, Mukti, Ardhan from Accounting, Vina from Civil Engineering, and Ofa from Electrical Engineering, the name of our groups is The Ambassador team! Yeay.. we are the next generation, we are the ambassador of our planet :p I'm so happy met those cool guys from another department! We were elected as the Most 'Gokil' Groups on that event, our team leader, Afin was elected as the Most Cheerful Leader, and I am my self was elected as the Most Active Participant in English Eco Camp 2012 :D Aaaa so happy! Actually, this is my first throphy in life :p Thankyou so muchh for my LO, Ms. Farikha :D 

See you guuuuuuuys :') 

Ps: Wish you a Merry Christmas, for you who celebrate it! Jingle.. jingle.. :D 


  1. aaah selamat ya qaqaaaaaa <3
    ini acara yang dulu katanya pengen ikut itu bukan? :D

  2. Hihihi makasih sayang :) bukan ini bukan acaranya AIESEC kok ini acara kampus :)


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