Meet Up With Gege

Ah it's been a loooong time since the last time I wrote something in this site. I miss Lost In Europe. There are so much thing I wanna share hahahaha but now I'll write something about my last meeting with Gege! My cyberspace-sister meet in person this weekend. Yeay!

So, some of you may think that (nowadays) friends could be found even in cyberspace though, but words that may come to you first is such as twitter or facebook. So do I. But I know this girl, far away from here, different city, different ages, different point of view and I meet her through blog. This blog. Lost in Europe is created on 2009, then few years later I found (hey she just updated her domain, she got free from her aunty) then we had a good time sharing about anything, we were also approaching our another social media and getting closer. And last weekend, we had a chance to met up! Ghea is such a gooooooood girl. To be honest, I am myself would not that brave visiting Semarang from Jogjakarta for the first time, and alone, just to meet me in person. She actually from Malang, East Java but she's on the internship for 3 months in Jogjakarta. So there she goes, I welcomed her and already prepared some place to go on the next day. 

Fisrt, we visited Ace Hardware on Saturday night. I got no idea where we should go. Almost every place in Semarang that night was very crowded. Some stuff was made us sad, because there are too cute. Overcute!

On Sunday, I asked Ghea to wake up early morning and let her sunday morning relaxing stay at the bed then  drive her looking for some breakfast. We also visited 'Kota Lama'. I know Ghea must be excited about it, she's just like me, the girl with her camera hanging on the neck :p

Back home, then we ready to the next destination on that day. Ouh, I was also inviting Lucy to come along with us. You know, she's also a blogger and sometimes visiting Ghea's blog as well. I thank so much to Lucy who accompanied us that day, it must be flat day exploring Semarang without Lucy <3 nbsp="nbsp" p="p">

Ah nothing can I say, I feel so happy meeting this girl. She's smart, and brave. She has a good personality and could adaptation well. My dad and my mom, also like Ghea. They accepted Ghea well and warm. It's amazing how'd we shared the bed, shared everything about our life before went to sleep, shared about our love story, we talked like we are old friends. I feel like I have a lil sister.

She talked a lot about her family, her friends, her last achievements, her new (and cute) boyfriend. Someday, I have to visit her back on her city, Malang. InsyaAllah... Nice to meet you, Gege! I hope we have much more time to meet up again, soon :)

Meet up is fun! Who's next? :)

*several photos was taken by mine and Ghea's camera ;) she is a good photographer 


  1. ooohh
    so ghea now has a new cute boyfriend

    *whistling* :P

  2. aku mau ketemu mbak fira sama gheak juga ah hihi

  3. @nurikidy : yes :)
    talita : yuk Talita kita meet up bareng :3


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