Sit Down and Just Tell to the Blog

I'm actually not in a good feeling. My days passed so hard recently, and I have to prepared my heart more than usual. I met so many.. you know 'fluctuation' deep down here. I have to be more mature to act, to take the decision, to think, to stand alone by my own legs. Some people say, life is a joke -- enjoy it -- but I'm not a person like that. So many things happen in my life. My dad was sick, couldn't reach goal for my education background, blind to the life that increasingly change day by day, and so on. I'm sad. To be honest I feel soooooo sad, but one thing that I know everything happens for a reason. I just haven't found it yet. The reasons...

By the way, in a couple days ahead we are gonna leave this wonderful 2012 era. Watching my archieve on the side bar of this blog, I'm such a busy person in this year, right? Just see it, I even wrote the posts less than 100 in one year! Oh my God how lazy. Turning back to the first month on this year in January 2012 the month when I loved to practice cooking so much, I met a cute cat named Healer or Catchy (whatever), my 19th birthday with Lucy and Tia that slept over at night, got my college..., explored Kudus with Lucy and Zulfa, running my art business independently, my graduation, the sweetest farewell party ever, start my new life as the collegian, joined AIESEC, new love story, got my 1st trophy and still gaiiiiiin more experiences of life that always changing every single day. I don't know, if my life, all that I've had, and wrote here will inspire people out there or not. I just craved my own history, and immortalize it in a simple words. I do made some failure, met a lot of dissapointment and maybe there are some people were dissapointed at me too, but again I said, it's about 'fluctuation' deep down here. Should I make the spiritfire-resolution list for facing the 2013 era? Ah.. let me think about what I am going to write for next year's resolution while I'm going to sleep :) Good night!


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