Pandanaran Art Festival

It's fun when you spent your time enjoying art and culture. I feel so thankful because I was made to love art and crazy about it. I know I'm not the one who crazy about arts, there're many people even crazier than me and willing to spend the rest of their life to art, or take the decision - leaving their job and turned to the world of art to find their true desire of life. They are so brave. I'm happy that the government of the capital city of Semarang concern about culture and art that compiled from a combination of four different cultures and still exists in this city. Javanesse, China, Arabic, and Holland (Netherland). Last night, my friends and I visited Pandanaran Art Festival, which is held along the Pemuda Street. This event is held overnight and run out today at 9 a.m. The event was show the cultures from every ethnic. Traditional dance, traditional music and arrangement, food festival, market, and it sorted by cultures itself. The event was quite fun, but I don't know there were something missing about the event.

The booth from the people who have a hand from heaven

Well, I met so many people there. I met my friends from Aiesec members (eventhough I didn't get to greet them), I met Tery and Irma, I met my senior.

And finally I met Mbak Renny! She was on the Uchese Al Achmed Photography and they open the photobooth with the theme of Arabian Night :p Ridho, Handy, Hanafi, and I were tried it hahahahaha I can't wait to see the result. From the entire of booth, I think this booth from UAA was the prepared well. The booth was very comfy and full of properties and of course wardrobe x) UAA is Professional Photography which is located in Semarang. Just jump to their site on or facebook here to know more about.

But, mbak Renny said there's something wrong with the printed machine so I could receive the print-out result right now. It'll send soon :)

Bokeh picture taken by me :D 

I hope, the event such like this routinely held every year :) 

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” 
| Pablo Picasso


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