AIESEC LC Undip : Semarang Youth Conference 2012

Aaaah.. I have no idea what I have to say about my last holiday. I spent my whole 3-days joining the conference of Aiesec LC Undip, we called it Semarang Youth Conference. The conference held at Wisma Pusdiklat BKK Jateng, and it quite near from my house. The conference started at 2 p.m at noon, here's the story begin. As a member from another college, I felt so nervous. I wondered what should I do after I touchdown the venue, what should I do when the first time I meet my team, meet my room-mates, how their reaction when they know that I'm not from Diponegoro (eventhough my college used to be the foundation of Diponegoro University, and it was called Politeknik Undip). On the way to the venue, I was thinking about it again and again. Maybe it's too over reacting, but ... I couldn't explain how it feel 

I entered the venue with Sinta (I met her in last welcoming party) and the other one (I didn't get to know her name), then we lost -_- but Alhamdulillah, soon we got our lobby and our room. Me and Sinta, got the same lobby but different room. Then I meet my team and I acquainted with another member of team. Yeay! So far, I was enjoying the conference sooo much untill the end session. There were so many thing that I couldn't explain one by one. I met Kak Pipin from AIESEC Indonesia and she's the chair of the conference. She's smart, beautifull, spritifull, she's inspiring all of the delegates and of course.. she was surprising :) *if you know what I mean* :p

that was when we got the punishment bcz we came late to the plenary. That's me. Half -_-

sat at the first line with Fina. Actually I sat between two Fina there :p Wey!

we were transformer! Eagle!

cool session with Oma, Board of Advisor AIESEC LC Undip (I don't know exactly her name ._.)

beach party! wuhuuu..

Beach party, UD red knight photoshoot, stick our dream to the world, connection time with every departement, project simulation, Awarding Night (early morning) :p, Roll dance, and every session that has given is means a lot for me. The awesome delegates, my room mates (Grace, Glory, and Gittrys), my partner of session Wafda Afina, Andini, Widi, and the others, my partner of project simulation (Asti, Mende, Ardyanti, Glory, Son, Jefri, Sekar, hahahaha how's our event guys? :p), Adisti, Tata, Firdha, Lintang, Teni,  aaannddd every delegates I met, the OCs, Facis, inspiring guests.. Ahhh... lovely.

I met my partner. The same-chubby-cheek :p

trio chubby-cheek :p

Those are some picture that I took, um but not that good because my phone camera is not sophicticated anymore :( but few I got from Kak Evi Teja Kusuma 's photo album on facebook :D Just jump to the link for grab the picture of you/tagged 


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