I like having new friends. It's like learn about many different type of people, creating connection and relation. When the first time I joined this organization, fulfilling my obligation as a scholarship students, and  increasing my skill in English speaking were my main purpose. Making friend was a bit included, about how to develop that organization was not on my list at that time. So then, I follow all of selection section. Participating as the intern, sign up as the new member, submitted the form and essay project planning, even got interviewed section two times. I was in some organization since junior high school. I even took some part on graduation and showcase when I was on elementary school. I love being included on some project that I like, and yes shortly I love being included as well on this organization. Polytechnic English Conversation Club, because I started to like it. This organization is such a small, quiet yet humble. However, I pushed myself and 1314 people to make some innovation. I want them to break the rule for good, to change their mind, for developing this organization. Sometimes, it sounds ambitious but I know they can do it. My 'break the rule' mind was popping the first time when we held our very first annual meeting to start the term, although my opinion was rejected back then. I knew it that 1314 people were the same. They wanna make some innovation and break the rule. Since that Annual Meeting, I can see how creative 1314 people was. Every project we held was different, there is always something new and cool part. We wanted to always 100%,  maybe sometimes it was not always but at least we try to cover the weakness. Even our final project was out of expectation! it 10001% succeed!! and people know us better than before. About the aim for joining this organization back then, I've forgotten :) All I wanna do was just develop develop develop and make it one-of-a-kind. Things that undeniable is I love how they treat me, how they treat each other in this organization just like their own family. Sometimes, the girls could be my older sister, lil sis, even Mother for me. Those who give their advice, who care, sister who always take me hanging around when bored with college and org meeting/deadline. But at the other time they could turned into those who spoil around, need my advice, need someone to talk to, try to solve their problem. So did the boys, they could be my big bro and my father at the same time. Patient, wise, helpful, someone who can depend on, simple, silly, and even jerk! hahahahaha I never have a problem with all of that people. I am so grateful that my Demisioner chosen us to be 1314 people. I am so grateful of that. 

Our very first proper picture!

We spent so much time together. Sometimes the deadline and meeting was freaking us out. The worry, burden, responsibility, time, energy, tired, hungry, head-stone, arguments, up and down spirit, but we still there. About 98% was still standing until the end of term, and finished their each job well and in maximum level. I'm so proud of being one of those 98% people.

You must be wondering what makes me sure to write down this entry like so touched and trying to tell you that 'true friend does exist though that you just know them on one months or two' ? I saw them crying during our farewell last Sunday. We were all know that by the end of that term, it doesn't mean that our relation is ended anyway. we still be friends but I have to admit that it must be different. 

At the end of June, I'd like to make some little party. Not a true party I mean, there are one left unofficial  project called "Home Visit". The purpose is for getting closer with the family of the hosts. We are know that, been in the organization with continued project a whole year sometimes make us far from home, and parents  lil bit mind of their children's weekend activity. This is what we do, take a visit, meet the parents and whole family that all of those 'weekend activity' on campus was totally positive and paid off. Sometimes we're gonna cooking for lunch and messing up the house chit-chat until the time shows that it's time to go home :) Silaturahmi is a pleasure! 

 Well, 1314 people are now Demisioner!

This time is my turn! I'd like to make it unusual. There are flyer, theme, even dress code for my guests. I've been looking for some dish for treating them. Big meal, to the sweets. I hope this will give their another impression about our very last project! Yippie! I just can't wait!

This entry is originally from Cinta Ruhama Amelz - one of another inspiring blogger in Indonesia. I like the way she think about live nowadays and how social media controls our mind and personality, unconsciously (even I myself feels that way). I'd like to post this entry because, I just felt exactly the same with Kak Tara's entry below. It also happened to me. Enjoy!

today, i'd like to pour some thoughts of mine about social media. i find it's pretty surprising how some people deal with social media, especially about their perception on following, unfollowing, befriending and unsharing. i mean, have you ever got bullied for unfollowing someone on social media?  well, this post is kinda inspired by that experience which i've been through.

a long time ago, this person i know left an awkward comment on a photo of her and me that she uploaded on Instagram. this person is someone i had met by coincidence for a few times and i had sent a message one time telling her that i missed her and that i'd like to hang out with her - because i felt that she'd make a good friend after the nice conversations we had. i thought that is one of the things i can do when i want to be friends with someone. anyway, she mentioned me in that comment that sounded like this, "as i remember, you followed me first. i just realized that you unfollowed me." so i replied this person's comment under the same photo saying that, "it's only Instagram. it's not like we're not friends anymore." with a smiley emoticon at the end of the comment, because i'm friendly like that. i was surprised that she replied like this, "i guess we have a different perception about friendship."


when i read the first comment from her, i paused and thought, is it such a wrong thing to unfollow someone on Instagram after you follow them first? i really don't think there is anything wrong with that. to me, Instagram is a tool to express myself, promote my blog, a source of inspirations and an entertainment for my artistic visual loving eyes. it has absolutely nothing, i repeat, nothing to do with how i state someone's status in my life. i follow accounts on Instagram simply because i'm interested and heart the photos simply because they look great to me. but when i find the photos are no longer interesting nor inspiring, i might unfollow. to me, unfollowing on Instagram or Twitter as well as unsharing on Path does not mean i don't want anything to do in real life with the owner of the account, neither mean i'm ending the friendship with him or her.

i just think there is a big misunderstanding right here. to her, it seemed that we have a different perception about friendship. to me, it seemed that the different perception is about Instagram and i did tried to explain to her about this in the most polite way as possible, but the response was negative and she blocked me on Instagram. since then, i never hear anything from her again nor meet her, but i hope she's doing great.

i really can't blame any person for thinking that one of the requirements to be friends with someone is by following them on Instagram because people are free to have their own perception of friendship or social media. but in my opinion, that way of thinking is immature, shallow and silly. i myself have my own rules with the way i use my social media - i treat my Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Path differently - and if they don't like that they are free to unfollow or unfriend me and i can just chill about it. my Facebook is open to people who wants to get connected with me, i allow anyone to follow my Instagram and Twitter (though that doesn't mean i'm going to follow back), but i'm more picky when it comes to choosing people to connect with on Path because there are things that i'm not comfortable to share with or being shared by others on a Path timeline. even on Twitter and Instagram there are a lot of things from my life that i don't share because i'm not ready or just don't want to. but whether i'm connected to someone through social media or not, showing the eagerness to be friends, respect and being nice to them is a mandatory as long as they treat me the same way.

so really, following, unfollowing, befriending and unsharing on social media is not a big deal for me, but how people question about them is. just like i wouldn't ask anyone, i would rather people not ask me - joking or seriously, "why are you not following me back on Instagram (or Twitter)?" or, "why are you not friends with me on Path?" other than because the answer wouldn't be that easy to spell out (is there any reason that can sound positive for questions like these?), i think the decision on being connected or not to someone on social media is very personal and the reason behind it is not always related with whether one considers someone as his or her friend (or family) or not. i mean, are you ready if the answer is, "because your social media posts suck."? for me, i don't really need to hear that kind of answer, that's why i don't ask. LOL. oh, and something to remember, that unfollow and unshare button is kinda easy to get clicked by accident, so don't let the negative thoughts get you.

i'm writing this post to encourage you, the readers, to be more open-minded when it comes to accepting others' decision to get connected or not with you on social media. i have no intention to offend anyone with this post for i am a person who loves peace.

how about you? do you have thoughts about social media that you'd like to share?

One thing I've been learning from Social Media is; it's totally different with real life. Friendship ended is not determine by clicking unfollow button on social media. Friends in persons are totally different with friends on social media. Your social media is your right. I'm trying to explain myself that do not use your hard-feeling on it. I'm trying to let my social media as my entertainment. Don't get me wrong, the reason why I keep asking to follow back on twitter or instagram is just for keeping contact with my old friends, but if they aren't willing to do that it's just all okay for me. I admitted on Facebook era, when this social media was soooo hype, I invited everyone (including stranger person faraway from my place) and my friends was reaching 2000 back then or maybe growing till now. The more number of your friends, the cooler you were. But not now. I've change my perception about that bold line I typed. The number of friends/follower doesn't matter anyway. as Kak Tara said "... I follow accounts on Instagram simply because i'm interested and heart the photos simply because they look great to me. but when i find the photos are no longer interesting nor inspiring, i might unfollow. to me, unfollowing on Instagram or Twitter as well as unsharing on Path does not mean i don't want anything to do in real life with the owner of the account, neither mean i'm ending the friendship with him or her." 

Just like the way I think. 

*pssst but sometime I can't refuse for not keep following people I don't want to follow. It's about hospitality, and I respect that. Maybe they just need more time to learn :) 

This week, I got one day off on Thursday due to national holiday of Waisak. To make my Thursday explorations are on the track, I prepared the list of 'what should we try' one day before. I am a planner girl. I like everything keeps on the track and manage it well. So the first destination on that day was had breakfast at The Aunties Breakfast Club on Lir. I'm so happy to have a chance to come back there again, as you know, my first visitation on Lir was about a year ago when I came to watch solo exhibition of Lala Bohang. The Aunties is new program which was launch around February this month by Lir. Lir itself is basically an art space and restaurant. The Aunties (@auntiesbreakfastclub) open started from 06.30 a.m to 12.00 a.m. They serve various kind of breakfast meals such as toast, cereal, oats, milk, tea, coffee, eggs, sausage and so on. I was barely hard to find that place (at the second time hehe) but I finally found it after remembering so hard the street around Baciro (anw, Baciro is soooooo lovely place. I can find a lot of ancient home, with dutch-Europe styled there) - well, back to the track. After I found Lir, we were directly grab the book menu which is veeerrryy cute!

 Mini Menu Book

This place hasn't change. The feeling.

I was trying to remember this place, the ambiance, the warmness, remembering my first expectation about this place back then. I am so glad come back there again in another occasion, another companion. After decided what breakfast we'd like to eat, Handy finally had his Cheesy Toast and I got my Toad in the Hole. I like my sunny side-up which was hiding at the center of the toast. I love my peach tea, too. I'm not used to had a tea in the morning, but once in a while coupled with warmness surroundings, what would be better. 

 Anyway, Lir is celebrating their 3rd anniversary *well, Happy birthday, Lir!*. There are so many event during this May. One event I'd like to come is Folk Afternoon at the Park.

We spent the rest of the morning by chatting mostly about PECC's Election Day which will be held today on Friday, 16th May 2014. Time had passed so fast, and we finally at the end of our term in PECC. 

Artic Monkey was the theme song at that day, at Lir.

Lir Shop 
Jl. Anggrek 1/33, Baciro Jogjakarta

For lunch, we decided something different. We won't eat something Western, cheesy smell, or what-so-ever. We want Indonesia cuisine! With rice so we can fulfilled our tummy. No chicken, no beef, no grill fish, we headed to K.H Ahmad Dahlan Street to find Turkey! Yes we had turkey for lunch!!! Turkey is kind of fowl. The taste must be the same like bird, chicken, or another fowl, but I had no idea about the texture, the smell, and the serving. So, We were on Warung Kalkun (one of the restaurant which is serve Turkey as the main menu with Indonesian style) I was craving for Rica-rica so I ordered it one portion and Handy ordered his grill Turkey breast-slices. Short story, I LOVE TURKEY! I love Turkey on their Rica-Rica! The spices weren't too kill my tongue, just under control. The place might not too convince. I even almost passed that place when we were through K.H Ahmad Dahlan Street. It is quite small. Warung Kalkun is also open their branch around Jogjakarta. You can simply Google-ed it or find their twitter account on twitter. If you had any occasion to try it someday, don't distract with the price, especially for Legs and Wings. The Price is expensive, indeed but the size it quite enough for 4/5 persons (I had a chance to see the size of the wings, to be honest) I'm gonna come back there again. Promise! x)

Lame photo! taken with my phone camera, less light. Sorry! I hope you guys have a view about Turkey dish hihihi

Warung Kalkun
Jl. K.H Ahmad Dahlan 19, Jogjakarta

At the end of the day, (with the sleepy-headed boy called Handy) we stopped by to Serafin Coffee and Patisserie at Pakuningratan Street for having crème brûlée. There are so many patisserie places in Jogja which is serve crème brûlée, but one which reachable from house is Serafin. I got the crack caramel-torched on my crème brûlée. Serafin is history of my life because, that was my very firssssttt Crème brûlée hehehehe. The place quite festive. White, charm, warm, ancient - what I love!

Makan ini sampai merem-merem. You know what does it mean? 

 Serafin Coffee & Patisserie 
Jl. Pakuningratan 40, Jogjakarta

Thursday mission was actually haven't done yet. I still have one left destination to be visited that day but Handy was getting sleepy (he even slept while we were waiting for Calzone for my sister at home -_- dude). We decided to canceled the last destination and try it next time.

I still have about 3 months and 2 weeks last here. I've done my 1st and 2nd chapter of my report, the main chapter is ongoing (while I sniff for another source which is related to the tittle of my internship report) I deserve a sweet escape after my daily routine at the office on weekdays. My mom was here on Monday last week and I had to pick her up at the city hustle, yap you know where. Malioboro. I have through the main road of Jogjakarta, alone, at night without my map (not the digital one) and I did it. I picked her up safely, without get lost or anything. When I passed through Mangkubumi street, there was an ancient, and old ice cream shop distract my sight. TipTop Ice Cream and Snack. Sounds familiar, I'd like to try it! The next day, I asked my mom to accompanied me to try TipTop Ice Cream. I must say that this is the original one. I like how they serve this ice cream. very to the point, humble and that's all. I like the original one in food, I mean for example most of time I didn't add a soy-sauce or too much ketchup on a bowl of my favorite 'Bakso Sapi', 'Mie Ayam', or 'Bubur Ayam'. I just want to eat it that way, the original taste without any addition flavor. That's the same thing (at least for me) whem I had TipTop Ice Cream. Mom prefer for not added chocolate sauce for her 'Kopior' ice cream, and I prefer to had 'Cassatta' ; the ice cream which is served in 3 layers; vanilla, chocolate, and starwberry. There is also sukade at the top of the ice cream, to make the texture of ice cream. We ate it anyway. Mom even didn't had her ice mineral water for neutralizing the cream. It was just perfect blended without too much cream. I love the Kopior one. I thought that Kopior must be like a kopior ice cream on mostly wedding party, but I was totally wrong. 100x times more light and doesn't hurt your throat. 

TipTop Ice Cream and Snack
Jl. Mangkubumi No. 24 Yogyakarta 55232
Telepon : (0274) 7111700
Handphone : 081328771700

Few days before Mom visited me, Handy and I decided to had a lunch at 'At The Table' after I looked for a present to the birthday brother. My heart break when I was intentionally scrolling down At The Table's official twitter for some review then I found that they are closed for some reason, and will be opened again soon (don't know yet) I have falling in love with this place, the concept, the ambiance (through the reviewers on internet), and their food! even before I try :( The food served looks so serious, detail, specific, anti-mainstream, and not too expensive! I've been looking for the place like this in my hometown but mostly, they sell same things like the another. For you who as curious as me just jump to their blog/twitter and happy falling in love! All photos below are taken from At the Table twitter photo gallery @_atthetable

Their January Leaflet
 Look at their pasta! 

The promo is not about the resto, but it's back to the customer. I love 90's song!
One of the dish I'd like to try!  Man, look at the patty! So thick!

My tummy screaming!
PS: Dear At the Table, please open soon! :p 

Disappointed feeling, and an empty tummy need to feed - I let Handy to choose a place for us to have lunch. Then we arrived at Calzone Express - around Cendrawasih Street. Not too disappointing, beside it was simple dish with a cheap price - I love their Strawberry Fusion with slices of real fresh strawberry! Just like boosted my mood up. Calzone is kind of Pizza but the look is like jumbo 'Pastel Ayam' hahahaha it's actually pizza but the serving is folded. Such a gooood gooodd mozzarella cheese! 

 Calzone Express
Jalan Cendrawasih no 3 Demangan Baru, Yogyakarta

Hello! I finally took an internship in the National Company, works in sector providing data communication on central region of Indonesia, precisely located in Jogjakarta. I am so glad of being here, although I'm not works for some project which is mean my job here are not too burden but still I got new experiences related to my subject and about a daily life of being an employee. The another happy feeling come from the time when I'm not at the office. As the main job of this company is providing data communication, do maintenance, and troubleshoot of any interruption data communication network on customer side - going outside is my favorite. Jogjakarta is actually not too strange for me. I used to visit my elder sister who live here during her pregnancy almost twice a month, but of course I didn't visiting places like various banks, central server, institutions, offices, and so on. This time, I stay longer for 5 months ahead, went to office in the morning till evening on a weekdays, and enjoy the weekend by exploring everything I got from Google about Jogjakarta, if I'm not back to my hometown.

Jogjakarta is fuuuuulll of art center, art exhibition, art event, art places, and art food hehehe *that's all my keyword on Google* I just wanna share to you because I hope, this entry could be your accurate reference *more-over for those who know me well. I'm just like tell you an information; right?* Thanks God, there's Handy as my internship pal and exploring-pal as well hehehe. Uhm, wait! Basically you can find yourself about hipiest places in Jogjakarta or coolest art exhibition event only by typing your keyword on Google, so I change my purpose about this entry. I'll post to give you an overview for anyone outside Jogjakarta who has a plan to spend a long time in here for some occasion *just like me* or only spend a weekend with your friends. BAM!

Handy is a good machine searching *I mean he is good seeker on Google* - He found two art exhibition around Suryadinigratan Street. First is on Ark Galerie. It was group exhibition named THE WALL/STRUCTURE/CONSTRUCTION/BORDER/MEMORY. This exhibition is basically brings an architecture theme. It was good but I don't really get it ._. I like the view of Ark office instead of the exhibition hehehe. It placed upstairs and the exhibition hall placed downstairs, but I have to admit it that the people behind those exhibition are soooo great!
 Do you notice statements "MADE IN INDONESIA"/"MADE FOR INDONESIA"?

Ark Galerie
Suryodiningratan 36A, Yogyakarta 55141, Indonesia
+62 274 388162

All the way from Ark Galerie, there are Langgeng Art Foundation. This place is also held a group exhibition on 2nd floor named "Pukul 4 di Ruang Publik" and I like this one. The exhibit hall is soooo clean and wide. I can see the artworks from various artist, one that I noticed was from Hanura Hosea. You can see the review, information and the other things you need by clicking this site!
Langgeng Art Foundation
Jl. Suryodiningratan 37, Yogyakarta 55141, Indonesia
+62 812-1550-0083

This group exhibition took 2 places, first is on Langgeng Art Foundation itself then the second one is on Kedai Kebun Forum. The second place, Kedai Kebun focus on art space for art exhibition and cafe. Handy and I spent the noon at this place while we had our lunch and waiting for Ark's open gate. Kedai Kebun's ambiance is sooooooo lovely! There are mural art on their side wall. Concept of the cafe is terrace and semi-outdoor, underneath of the lush trees. 

Kedai Kebun//Kedai Kebun Forum
Jl.Tirtodipuran No. 3, Yogyakarta, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta, Indonesia
 +62 274 376114

Visiting, translating the artwork, taking a bunch of photos, resting, then end-up at the coffee shop near the office while waiting for the rain stop. I can't stop adoring this place! It is quite new coffee house in Jogjakarta. It's Epic Coffee & Epilogue Furniture. The price might be make you think twice, because they obviously serve the best coffee and they roast the coffee by them-self. Due to our full tummy and limited budget *hehehehehe* we only take a coffee for Handy and Hot Chocolate for me. 

 During my exploration, I decided to still use 'an analog' navigation called map! Not a digital one like on smartphone, but this one is the paper one. Smartphone could run out of battery, and worst thing we don't have any power bank. Paper is eternal, as long as you don't burn it or take it for diving @.@

No no no! What I adore that much? Yap of course the interior design! The Epic Coffee only take a third part of whole building, whereas the Epilogue Furniture takes the rest as the showroom part. The place is sooo warm. I can see the touch of shabby chic, american style, and industrial concept in one building! 

 Epic Coffee & Epilogue Furniture
Jl. Palagan Tentara Pelajar 29, Yogyakarta, DI Yogyakarta

That was getting darker outside, the rain was stop. Handy and I decided to go home. See you on the next #SurfSurfSurf
PS : too bad I didn't bring my DSLR came along with me. I left it intentionally at home!  Sorry for bad quality picture.