#SurfSurfSurf : Exploration 1

Hello! I finally took an internship in the National Company, works in sector providing data communication on central region of Indonesia, precisely located in Jogjakarta. I am so glad of being here, although I'm not works for some project which is mean my job here are not too burden but still I got new experiences related to my subject and about a daily life of being an employee. The another happy feeling come from the time when I'm not at the office. As the main job of this company is providing data communication, do maintenance, and troubleshoot of any interruption data communication network on customer side - going outside is my favorite. Jogjakarta is actually not too strange for me. I used to visit my elder sister who live here during her pregnancy almost twice a month, but of course I didn't visiting places like various banks, central server, institutions, offices, and so on. This time, I stay longer for 5 months ahead, went to office in the morning till evening on a weekdays, and enjoy the weekend by exploring everything I got from Google about Jogjakarta, if I'm not back to my hometown.

Jogjakarta is fuuuuulll of art center, art exhibition, art event, art places, and art food hehehe *that's all my keyword on Google* I just wanna share to you because I hope, this entry could be your accurate reference *more-over for those who know me well. I'm just like tell you an information; right?* Thanks God, there's Handy as my internship pal and exploring-pal as well hehehe. Uhm, wait! Basically you can find yourself about hipiest places in Jogjakarta or coolest art exhibition event only by typing your keyword on Google, so I change my purpose about this entry. I'll post to give you an overview for anyone outside Jogjakarta who has a plan to spend a long time in here for some occasion *just like me* or only spend a weekend with your friends. BAM!

Handy is a good machine searching *I mean he is good seeker on Google* - He found two art exhibition around Suryadinigratan Street. First is on Ark Galerie. It was group exhibition named THE WALL/STRUCTURE/CONSTRUCTION/BORDER/MEMORY. This exhibition is basically brings an architecture theme. It was good but I don't really get it ._. I like the view of Ark office instead of the exhibition hehehe. It placed upstairs and the exhibition hall placed downstairs, but I have to admit it that the people behind those exhibition are soooo great!
 Do you notice statements "MADE IN INDONESIA"/"MADE FOR INDONESIA"?

Ark Galerie
Suryodiningratan 36A, Yogyakarta 55141, Indonesia
+62 274 388162

All the way from Ark Galerie, there are Langgeng Art Foundation. This place is also held a group exhibition on 2nd floor named "Pukul 4 di Ruang Publik" and I like this one. The exhibit hall is soooo clean and wide. I can see the artworks from various artist, one that I noticed was from Hanura Hosea. You can see the review, information and the other things you need by clicking this site!
Langgeng Art Foundation
Jl. Suryodiningratan 37, Yogyakarta 55141, Indonesia
+62 812-1550-0083

This group exhibition took 2 places, first is on Langgeng Art Foundation itself then the second one is on Kedai Kebun Forum. The second place, Kedai Kebun focus on art space for art exhibition and cafe. Handy and I spent the noon at this place while we had our lunch and waiting for Ark's open gate. Kedai Kebun's ambiance is sooooooo lovely! There are mural art on their side wall. Concept of the cafe is terrace and semi-outdoor, underneath of the lush trees. 

Kedai Kebun//Kedai Kebun Forum
Jl.Tirtodipuran No. 3, Yogyakarta, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta, Indonesia
 +62 274 376114

Visiting, translating the artwork, taking a bunch of photos, resting, then end-up at the coffee shop near the office while waiting for the rain stop. I can't stop adoring this place! It is quite new coffee house in Jogjakarta. It's Epic Coffee & Epilogue Furniture. The price might be make you think twice, because they obviously serve the best coffee and they roast the coffee by them-self. Due to our full tummy and limited budget *hehehehehe* we only take a coffee for Handy and Hot Chocolate for me. 

 During my exploration, I decided to still use 'an analog' navigation called map! Not a digital one like on smartphone, but this one is the paper one. Smartphone could run out of battery, and worst thing we don't have any power bank. Paper is eternal, as long as you don't burn it or take it for diving @.@

No no no! What I adore that much? Yap of course the interior design! The Epic Coffee only take a third part of whole building, whereas the Epilogue Furniture takes the rest as the showroom part. The place is sooo warm. I can see the touch of shabby chic, american style, and industrial concept in one building! 

 Epic Coffee & Epilogue Furniture
Jl. Palagan Tentara Pelajar 29, Yogyakarta, DI Yogyakarta

That was getting darker outside, the rain was stop. Handy and I decided to go home. See you on the next #SurfSurfSurf
PS : too bad I didn't bring my DSLR came along with me. I left it intentionally at home!  Sorry for bad quality picture.


  1. sampe kapan mbak fir di jogja? 23-26 aku sama nana ke jogjaaa! :D

  2. SUMPAH GE? Aku masih lama banget disini magang sampe Agustus! Ngga mau tau kita harus meet up lagi this time plus Nana!!!!! I miss u kiddos!


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