#SurfSurfSurf : Exploration 3 - Mission Hasn't Accomplished

This week, I got one day off on Thursday due to national holiday of Waisak. To make my Thursday explorations are on the track, I prepared the list of 'what should we try' one day before. I am a planner girl. I like everything keeps on the track and manage it well. So the first destination on that day was had breakfast at The Aunties Breakfast Club on Lir. I'm so happy to have a chance to come back there again, as you know, my first visitation on Lir was about a year ago when I came to watch solo exhibition of Lala Bohang. The Aunties is new program which was launch around February this month by Lir. Lir itself is basically an art space and restaurant. The Aunties (@auntiesbreakfastclub) open started from 06.30 a.m to 12.00 a.m. They serve various kind of breakfast meals such as toast, cereal, oats, milk, tea, coffee, eggs, sausage and so on. I was barely hard to find that place (at the second time hehe) but I finally found it after remembering so hard the street around Baciro (anw, Baciro is soooooo lovely place. I can find a lot of ancient home, with dutch-Europe styled there) - well, back to the track. After I found Lir, we were directly grab the book menu which is veeerrryy cute!

 Mini Menu Book

This place hasn't change. The feeling.

I was trying to remember this place, the ambiance, the warmness, remembering my first expectation about this place back then. I am so glad come back there again in another occasion, another companion. After decided what breakfast we'd like to eat, Handy finally had his Cheesy Toast and I got my Toad in the Hole. I like my sunny side-up which was hiding at the center of the toast. I love my peach tea, too. I'm not used to had a tea in the morning, but once in a while coupled with warmness surroundings, what would be better. 

 Anyway, Lir is celebrating their 3rd anniversary *well, Happy birthday, Lir!*. There are so many event during this May. One event I'd like to come is Folk Afternoon at the Park.

We spent the rest of the morning by chatting mostly about PECC's Election Day which will be held today on Friday, 16th May 2014. Time had passed so fast, and we finally at the end of our term in PECC. 

Artic Monkey was the theme song at that day, at Lir.

Lir Shop 
Jl. Anggrek 1/33, Baciro Jogjakarta

For lunch, we decided something different. We won't eat something Western, cheesy smell, or what-so-ever. We want Indonesia cuisine! With rice so we can fulfilled our tummy. No chicken, no beef, no grill fish, we headed to K.H Ahmad Dahlan Street to find Turkey! Yes we had turkey for lunch!!! Turkey is kind of fowl. The taste must be the same like bird, chicken, or another fowl, but I had no idea about the texture, the smell, and the serving. So, We were on Warung Kalkun (one of the restaurant which is serve Turkey as the main menu with Indonesian style) I was craving for Rica-rica so I ordered it one portion and Handy ordered his grill Turkey breast-slices. Short story, I LOVE TURKEY! I love Turkey on their Rica-Rica! The spices weren't too kill my tongue, just under control. The place might not too convince. I even almost passed that place when we were through K.H Ahmad Dahlan Street. It is quite small. Warung Kalkun is also open their branch around Jogjakarta. You can simply Google-ed it or find their twitter account on twitter. If you had any occasion to try it someday, don't distract with the price, especially for Legs and Wings. The Price is expensive, indeed but the size it quite enough for 4/5 persons (I had a chance to see the size of the wings, to be honest) I'm gonna come back there again. Promise! x)

Lame photo! taken with my phone camera, less light. Sorry! I hope you guys have a view about Turkey dish hihihi

Warung Kalkun
Jl. K.H Ahmad Dahlan 19, Jogjakarta

At the end of the day, (with the sleepy-headed boy called Handy) we stopped by to Serafin Coffee and Patisserie at Pakuningratan Street for having crème brûlée. There are so many patisserie places in Jogja which is serve crème brûlée, but one which reachable from house is Serafin. I got the crack caramel-torched on my crème brûlée. Serafin is history of my life because, that was my very firssssttt Crème brûlée hehehehe. The place quite festive. White, charm, warm, ancient - what I love!

Makan ini sampai merem-merem. You know what does it mean? 

 Serafin Coffee & Patisserie 
Jl. Pakuningratan 40, Jogjakarta

Thursday mission was actually haven't done yet. I still have one left destination to be visited that day but Handy was getting sleepy (he even slept while we were waiting for Calzone for my sister at home -_- dude). We decided to canceled the last destination and try it next time.


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