#SurfSurfSurf : Exploration 2

I still have about 3 months and 2 weeks last here. I've done my 1st and 2nd chapter of my report, the main chapter is ongoing (while I sniff for another source which is related to the tittle of my internship report) I deserve a sweet escape after my daily routine at the office on weekdays. My mom was here on Monday last week and I had to pick her up at the city hustle, yap you know where. Malioboro. I have through the main road of Jogjakarta, alone, at night without my map (not the digital one) and I did it. I picked her up safely, without get lost or anything. When I passed through Mangkubumi street, there was an ancient, and old ice cream shop distract my sight. TipTop Ice Cream and Snack. Sounds familiar, I'd like to try it! The next day, I asked my mom to accompanied me to try TipTop Ice Cream. I must say that this is the original one. I like how they serve this ice cream. very to the point, humble and that's all. I like the original one in food, I mean for example most of time I didn't add a soy-sauce or too much ketchup on a bowl of my favorite 'Bakso Sapi', 'Mie Ayam', or 'Bubur Ayam'. I just want to eat it that way, the original taste without any addition flavor. That's the same thing (at least for me) whem I had TipTop Ice Cream. Mom prefer for not added chocolate sauce for her 'Kopior' ice cream, and I prefer to had 'Cassatta' ; the ice cream which is served in 3 layers; vanilla, chocolate, and starwberry. There is also sukade at the top of the ice cream, to make the texture of ice cream. We ate it anyway. Mom even didn't had her ice mineral water for neutralizing the cream. It was just perfect blended without too much cream. I love the Kopior one. I thought that Kopior must be like a kopior ice cream on mostly wedding party, but I was totally wrong. 100x times more light and doesn't hurt your throat. 

TipTop Ice Cream and Snack
Jl. Mangkubumi No. 24 Yogyakarta 55232
Telepon : (0274) 7111700
Handphone : 081328771700

Few days before Mom visited me, Handy and I decided to had a lunch at 'At The Table' after I looked for a present to the birthday brother. My heart break when I was intentionally scrolling down At The Table's official twitter for some review then I found that they are closed for some reason, and will be opened again soon (don't know yet) I have falling in love with this place, the concept, the ambiance (through the reviewers on internet), and their food! even before I try :( The food served looks so serious, detail, specific, anti-mainstream, and not too expensive! I've been looking for the place like this in my hometown but mostly, they sell same things like the another. For you who as curious as me just jump to their blog/twitter and happy falling in love! All photos below are taken from At the Table twitter photo gallery @_atthetable

Their January Leaflet
 Look at their pasta! 

The promo is not about the resto, but it's back to the customer. I love 90's song!
One of the dish I'd like to try!  Man, look at the patty! So thick!

My tummy screaming!
PS: Dear At the Table, please open soon! :p 

Disappointed feeling, and an empty tummy need to feed - I let Handy to choose a place for us to have lunch. Then we arrived at Calzone Express - around Cendrawasih Street. Not too disappointing, beside it was simple dish with a cheap price - I love their Strawberry Fusion with slices of real fresh strawberry! Just like boosted my mood up. Calzone is kind of Pizza but the look is like jumbo 'Pastel Ayam' hahahaha it's actually pizza but the serving is folded. Such a gooood gooodd mozzarella cheese! 

 Calzone Express
Jalan Cendrawasih no 3 Demangan Baru, Yogyakarta


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