Just for your information, my teeth are in trouble right now :( I should go to the dentist every 3 weeks for check-up my teeth (recommended) but I didn't go to the dentist if I think I'm not in a trouble with my teeth hehe :p but I tend my teeth well and use mouthwash after that, although sometimes I forgot to brush my teeth before I sleep at night hehe don't try this! So, I decided to just take a rest at home today and took a medicine to heal my pain. Alhamdulillah I feel better right now. Umm.. for you guys who are sick right now, I pray for you to get well soon..:) 

Um, I just ate Bubur Ayam today for my breakfast, and I haven't eaten lunch yet. It's still hard for me to chewing some meal, though that the pain has been reduced. It would be good if  my mom cooked my favourite chicken soup with sweet corn this morning! Ahhh.. yummyy! but she didn't. She had to work and she was in a hurry. well, I just remember my last soup that I made with Mbak Ufi. Tomatoes Soup with Sausage! hihi the taste was strange but quite nice. Not too bad. Anyway, that was my first Tomatoes Soup I made and I tried. Silly think, that soup was just like a tomatoes juice mix with garlic hehe but trust me, we ate it! And everybody knew that Soup is the best dish for patient, particulary for teeth-patient just like me who hard to chewing something ;p

butter + garlic + onion + flour + tomatoes juice + salt + pepper + broth + sugar + bean + carrot + sausage + meatball + tomatoes chop + black pepper + love + happiness = <3 

Just took a day off with Lucy for some photo shoot. One thing that I hate when I had a photo hunt - I don't know where's the good place to take a picture, the light, the background, the theme, and reachable by motorcycle! - hah! so, I won't tell to you where's the place that choosen this time :)) I'm sure you'll shocked! hehe

Uhmm, seems like un-concept photos but never mind! :) I'm not expert on photography. Not yet. I'm just happy to play with green grass color. feel so calm.. anyway, my followers on blog has reached 100 people! aaaawwwww that sweet :) thank you guys hehe I know that my post always less in comment but I'm appreciate you have a willingness to follow my blog :') Ahhh happy! 

I'm actually not in a good feeling right now. Even I cancelled my visit to Meta's house to watch a movie. Ahh.. I really made my friends dissapointed because a lot of cancelling :( there are tooooo many things that made me cry this evening 
but sudddenly, when I felt bored, I'm just tried to open my e-mail and got a 'healer' from mbak Renny a.k.a Renddol. A few days ago, I asked him via bbm to collabs with. She's great on graphic designer and photo-shoot! Fyi, I admire her :p hehe I sent a simple hand-drawing to her then she retouch with her imagination and taraaaaaaa!!! aaaahhh I love the Cerry's pattern! thank you so much Mbak Rennnyyyyyy :D

umm, I still have to count my happiness for today - not ten, maybe :')
  1. Got my new jacket. the color is green and looked match with my watch which is red color. seems like a christmast's theme color!
  2. My internship report is accepted! done! though when I checked 'em later I got some failure hehe me lucky!
  3. My Cisco test on Packet Tracer got 100! hehehe helped by guys! thank a lot :*
  4. I ate instant noodle today as the first day of this week *.* and it was cheap!
  5. Got an e-mail of my collaborations above hihi 
  6. .... no more :')
xlovexhurt ~

I like cooking recently! I think, cooking is the another art activity beside painting, drawing or something like that  . I love art, and for me cooking is the another meaning of art.. so I love cooking, too! :) today's breakfast I made a sweet-corn which is steamed and mix with butter, milk and cheese. I know this dish when I was on elementary school, and my friends used to bring this dish as her lunch at school. I'm a big fan of corn!! but not too on popcorn. This's such an ordinary recipe and easy to make for those who can't cook though. Many people knew it, I guess. You just need to drawstring the corn and steam them for 10 minute (or less). add some butter (more is better), sweetened-condensed-milk, and cheeseeeeee!! it's ready to serve! :D 

above, is my new year eve's dish.. oh how I love sweet-corn!

Here's my 2nd award that I got from Ida! hihi thank you sissy :*

Still wondering about Kak Andra's post about count the happines in every single day on your life. Since I read her post over and over again, I immediately thought to try to count my own happiness as Kak Andra's did. I think it's wonderful. I often complain almost every day, seems like I never felt a happiness in my life.. This always makes me feel less of anything :( . I currently realize that people have to say thank you to God, so they could got more. 

..What is happiness to you? What’s capable of making you happy?

Happiness, to me, is limitless. 

It could come from anything, anywhere, anytime, anyone. 

It’s simple, really...


Simple, huh?

Imagine me writing 10 points every day for a year, I would have 3650 happiness in every year! Imagine if you have 50 points, 100 points or even 200 points of happiness per day. I’m sure it would result you something unexpectedly amazing.

Create your own happiness that comes within yourself and share it with others around you.

So, I try! 
  • I could go to school by my motorcycle with a tank that contains only 1 liter of gasoline. without break down
  • I met my school's friends. Laugh. Fun 
  • I done my internship report
  • My motorcycle's parking area was good. I could take it easily
  • Finally, took a nap while power outages
  • Watched NBL on TV, happy though that I couldn't be on live
  • I miss Kelly Purwanto. My favourite player on national basketball 
  • Enjoyed the afternoon after took a bath earlier
  • Visited Tery's house with Ira. Chitchat until late at night.. even almost midnight. for my self, just spending the time with friends by chatting is valuable! Luvv 
  • Here, write this post with just one bluescreen on my PC :p

PS: I'm gonna post my photo's post and an award from sissy, Ida! ummm, additional - Happy birthday to my favourite hijab fashion blogger kak Dian Pelangi (@dianpelangi)!  A little late to say hehe best wish ever for youuuu 

I'm come back as a senior high school student, guys! you know? 6 month on the industries made me a little crazy! remember how struggle I was during the internship? oh.. so many people said thta "wow! we've done.. time moved so fast!" hellyeah.. 6 month was so longgggggggggggg -__- I beg you don't think that I didn't pass the national exam.. I'm passed but i still have through some test on 4th grade for graduating! bismillahh yaAllah :) oh well, my computer is still make me mad. it still broke on bluescreen, and I don't solve the problem yet. damnrite.. umm I'm on the task of 4th grade student. the internship report, final project proposal, presentations, practice exam... aaahhhhhhhhh make it easy my God :') i'm not a type of girl who enjoy the duty. I'm thinker. Always think everything, but couldn't solve some.. JUST THINK! think think think.. thinker! by the way no photo post for this time, ya guys.. I'm a less playing with my camera. he on his best rest, in the cupboard :p hehehe but gonna make some photos with my ladies uuuhh I really miss them so much, and also my another friends! :*

My lastest post was on 13rd December 2011, and it's already 2012! seems like a years I'm not posting :p well, i missed so many thing
  • The Christmas!! I'm a moslem but i do like the biggest christmas tree in my hometown which is built in front of Paragon Mall! hehe I could see it everyday when I was on industries hehe so big and blinkiesss!
  • Mother's Day - Ahhhh I just can't gave something that she really wanted for the Mother's Day this year (2011) I just gave her 2 stalks of roses.. white and red. I know she really likes flower, even she's like flower in my world, my heart! Love you, Ibu!!! :') :*
  • New Year's Eve! different from my previous years, this new year's eve I was held ummm.. such like a BBQ party on the top of my house, with my harmfull family and Mbak Ufi! Lovely!!! :D *photos sooner*
  • Mom's birthday! Again! I didn't what she really wanted for her gift.. I gave her 4 rolls of knitting yarn for her new hobbies. but she was happy of my gift! :*
  • The farewell early-dinner from the office hehe I didn't expect at all.. thank you so much STI's Family :)
  • School-Mates-Tasks!!!!! Wohoooooo
well, have a wonderful Wednesday! :D