Soup For Soul?

Just for your information, my teeth are in trouble right now :( I should go to the dentist every 3 weeks for check-up my teeth (recommended) but I didn't go to the dentist if I think I'm not in a trouble with my teeth hehe :p but I tend my teeth well and use mouthwash after that, although sometimes I forgot to brush my teeth before I sleep at night hehe don't try this! So, I decided to just take a rest at home today and took a medicine to heal my pain. Alhamdulillah I feel better right now. Umm.. for you guys who are sick right now, I pray for you to get well soon..:) 

Um, I just ate Bubur Ayam today for my breakfast, and I haven't eaten lunch yet. It's still hard for me to chewing some meal, though that the pain has been reduced. It would be good if  my mom cooked my favourite chicken soup with sweet corn this morning! Ahhh.. yummyy! but she didn't. She had to work and she was in a hurry. well, I just remember my last soup that I made with Mbak Ufi. Tomatoes Soup with Sausage! hihi the taste was strange but quite nice. Not too bad. Anyway, that was my first Tomatoes Soup I made and I tried. Silly think, that soup was just like a tomatoes juice mix with garlic hehe but trust me, we ate it! And everybody knew that Soup is the best dish for patient, particulary for teeth-patient just like me who hard to chewing something ;p

butter + garlic + onion + flour + tomatoes juice + salt + pepper + broth + sugar + bean + carrot + sausage + meatball + tomatoes chop + black pepper + love + happiness = <3 


  1. you know what impress me from your blog?
    You do it very well :)


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