A Healer Twinzz

I'm actually not in a good feeling right now. Even I cancelled my visit to Meta's house to watch a movie. Ahh.. I really made my friends dissapointed because a lot of cancelling :( there are tooooo many things that made me cry this evening 
but sudddenly, when I felt bored, I'm just tried to open my e-mail and got a 'healer' from mbak Renny a.k.a Renddol. A few days ago, I asked him via bbm to collabs with. She's great on graphic designer and photo-shoot! Fyi, I admire her :p hehe I sent a simple hand-drawing to her then she retouch with her imagination and taraaaaaaa!!! aaaahhh I love the Cerry's pattern! thank you so much Mbak Rennnyyyyyy :D

umm, I still have to count my happiness for today - not ten, maybe :')
  1. Got my new jacket. the color is green and looked match with my watch which is red color. seems like a christmast's theme color!
  2. My internship report is accepted! done! though when I checked 'em later I got some failure hehe me lucky!
  3. My Cisco test on Packet Tracer got 100! hehehe helped by guys! thank a lot :*
  4. I ate instant noodle today as the first day of this week *.* and it was cheap!
  5. Got an e-mail of my collaborations above hihi 
  6. .... no more :')
xlovexhurt ~


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