Sweet Corn Girl

I like cooking recently! I think, cooking is the another art activity beside painting, drawing or something like that  . I love art, and for me cooking is the another meaning of art.. so I love cooking, too! :) today's breakfast I made a sweet-corn which is steamed and mix with butter, milk and cheese. I know this dish when I was on elementary school, and my friends used to bring this dish as her lunch at school. I'm a big fan of corn!! but not too on popcorn. This's such an ordinary recipe and easy to make for those who can't cook though. Many people knew it, I guess. You just need to drawstring the corn and steam them for 10 minute (or less). add some butter (more is better), sweetened-condensed-milk, and cheeseeeeee!! it's ready to serve! :D 

above, is my new year eve's dish.. oh how I love sweet-corn!

Here's my 2nd award that I got from Ida! hihi thank you sissy :*


  1. Arev + anonim : memang!! :D

    Su : aw! thank youu dear <3

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