Time Flies

I'm come back as a senior high school student, guys! you know? 6 month on the industries made me a little crazy! remember how struggle I was during the internship? oh.. so many people said thta "wow! we've done.. time moved so fast!" hellyeah.. 6 month was so longgggggggggggg -__- I beg you don't think that I didn't pass the national exam.. I'm passed but i still have through some test on 4th grade for graduating! bismillahh yaAllah :) oh well, my computer is still make me mad. it still broke on bluescreen, and I don't solve the problem yet. damnrite.. umm I'm on the task of 4th grade student. the internship report, final project proposal, presentations, practice exam... aaahhhhhhhhh make it easy my God :') i'm not a type of girl who enjoy the duty. I'm thinker. Always think everything, but couldn't solve some.. JUST THINK! think think think.. thinker! by the way no photo post for this time, ya guys.. I'm a less playing with my camera. he on his best rest, in the cupboard :p hehehe but gonna make some photos with my ladies uuuhh I really miss them so much, and also my another friends! :*

My lastest post was on 13rd December 2011, and it's already 2012! seems like a years I'm not posting :p well, i missed so many thing
  • The Christmas!! I'm a moslem but i do like the biggest christmas tree in my hometown which is built in front of Paragon Mall! hehe I could see it everyday when I was on industries hehe so big and blinkiesss!
  • Mother's Day - Ahhhh I just can't gave something that she really wanted for the Mother's Day this year (2011) I just gave her 2 stalks of roses.. white and red. I know she really likes flower, even she's like flower in my world, my heart! Love you, Ibu!!! :') :*
  • New Year's Eve! different from my previous years, this new year's eve I was held ummm.. such like a BBQ party on the top of my house, with my harmfull family and Mbak Ufi! Lovely!!! :D *photos sooner*
  • Mom's birthday! Again! I didn't what she really wanted for her gift.. I gave her 4 rolls of knitting yarn for her new hobbies. but she was happy of my gift! :*
  • The farewell early-dinner from the office hehe I didn't expect at all.. thank you so much STI's Family :)
  • School-Mates-Tasks!!!!! Wohoooooo
well, have a wonderful Wednesday! :D


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