"Tonight, we are young.. So let's set the world on fire
we can burn brighter than the sun.."

Fun - We Are Young

I'm so thankful of being young people! Jong Java! I am very grateful to God for allowing me feel how to be a young people. This phase is the best part ever in life. We made mistakes then we realize that we were wrong, we make some ideas, we are active on some orgaization, we express opinions, we act. 

I'd like to socialize. Of course, everyone should happy to do this. It's fun, meeting new people everyday. New charachter, new chit-chat-style, new faces, and new atmosphere. I'm not created from popular place when high school. I'm just an Alumni of state vocational high school around Semarang. Here now, I'm studying in state Polytechnic, still in Semarang. I have quite experience joining some organization. I've ever be the member of student council on junior high school, joining basketball team on high school, chief editor of school magazine for one period. I'm very interested joining some population, which is have some vision and mission. One goal, together. Feel so good, comparing ideas from different thought. Many ideas, imagination, opinion, different point of view, open-minded, sensitive's sense of youth about global issue's around.

Maybe those sentences above, are some reasons why I joining this Intenational Youth Committe. It's good to be an AISEC-er, so far. You need to know that ACTUALLY I was just curious about how this International Committe work. I passed from some selection test such as applying form, Forum Group Discussion, and the last interview. I like the Forum Group Discussion (my team member was great people!) and Interview selection proccess :) Uhm, maybe some of you think that I'm just too overwhelming. Yeah maybe. I know, it wouldn't be great if I haven't yet to contribute directly on each project that will be held. You know? I'm one of the two colleger from my university who accepted to be the part of 172 members hehehehe. I hope hope hope, the LC would never questioned if I'm not from the university which is oversees the LC :') and then I could more contribute well.. Amiin 

Haha just played with my webcam and did some silly photos! x) Weekend is gonna be oveerrrrr, guys! welcome to the reality!

Ah, you should visit the tutorial of eyes and nose by Asyera Bella's here! I've try and this is the result -_- bad, huh?

it's toooooo baad x( I see something weird on her eyes hahahaha 

Just enjoyed my Saturday night, on my chamber. Watched Iron Man 2 (Oh, yes I know I'm so late to watch that movie! Well, I'm ready for Iron Man 3! Yeah!) Been so hard this week, but Alhamdulillah I could pass the mid term test for Algorithm class hehe. The next project may be harder... well... bismillah! :) 

Pocky Chocolate Stick | Cool Berry (my favorite UHT strawberry milk) | Mango juice from mom | Risoles

Saturday might be the greatest day ever since I've been on college. Time to rest, time to more-sleep, time to be the most laziest girl, time to having a relationship with TV, movies, sleep late, cook, ect. As we know, I almost had a spare time to blogging on the weekend. It turned into my weekly post, not daily post anymore. FUFU! 
The great information, today (I mean, 7 minutes ago *well, it's already Sunday at 12.07 a.m*) is the National Blogger Day! Yeay! I think, it's such as birthday of all blog/blogger in Indonesia (my own definition). I started to write in this blog since 3 years ago and I'm so glad I still have an interest to keep writing. I know, I'm not that good moreover I write in English language which is not that excellent. But I keep using this way, and hope that I could increasing my language skill. Better try than never try at all, right? ;) Happy National Blogger Day, blogger fellas! happy birthday, Lost In Europe! Keep 'lost'! Muahhh.. :p

Ah! Goodnight, good people! It's already Sunday.......... blah! xD

...Just when we think that love will never find you
you runaway but still it's behind you, oh
it's just something you can't control..

Lady Antebellum - Ready to Love Again

Maybe this is a sensitive topic to talk about, or maybe from the entire of my blog posts there are only a few  of 'love story' that I share. Well, life is gift. You just need to open it to know what's inside then surprise! As you know I've ever be hurt by someone that automatically make me more careful to take a decision to have some relationship. I called it, selective. I'm glad and really appreciate someone else who really care about me, even if it turn out misunderstanding. It's very surprising, moreover for those who never expected. Don't blame on me when I standing here, act like usual, then I just don't care if someone else's like me -- but then they didn't let me know about it. I don't know. Then I'll do nothing. 
Oh, did I lost my sensistive's sense? I guess, I'm just too focus for what I chase. I'm just too enjoying for what I do recently. College, graduate soon, exercises, organization, school, future. I'm just too rigid. Love? I put it in the final sequence. But you have to move on, Fira! This time, I think I just want to focus focus focus. Chasing the goal, explore myself, learn people around me, and in the right time I'm gonna take the decision to falling love again. Falling love is a simply felling that flow by it self. No under preassure, no compulsion. Just flow! 
But don't that naive, sometimes couples make me so jealous. But it's fine, just believe that someday I'll find my heart. I don't know how, when, who, or where. It just someone, someday :) Well, heart is dynamic. It change anytime. 

Ah, let's just finished it. I feel so ridiculous. Good night, good-people! 

Happy Eid-al Adha! Muah ~

Well, first you should know that I 'steal' a few minute to blogging while I'm doing my tasks. Oh my God, my task such like a water. Flowing and coming almost everyday. Little bit stress but everything is still undercontrol. Alhamdulillah.. :)

So, I spent my last weekend by visiting some place near the mountain, quite far from town and we went there by bus for about an hour. The place was not that cold, but really steep. We called it Banyu Biru village, which is located among Ambarawa and Salatiga. Its actually my campus event for electrical engineering's new college student. Our mission is to assimilate with the folks around there, and serve free medical check-up for those who want to check their health condition. We also give some groceries for those who has medium level of economic. Helped by village officials, we shared the groceries together, and we did it fast :| 

My favourite activity is when we painted the portal eventhough I didn't do that. I let the another do that hehehehe it was just too sleepy zzZ :p Ah you should know that the percussion project of my class has won the art competition night in day 1! Wohooo so happy and proud! We only practiced a few days before the competition :p The gift was not so interesting but it's all about the glory.

Uhhm I kinda like that place. It was reminding me about my mom and dad's hometown that used to visited every holiday of Eid Mubarak. The atmosphere, the evening surrounding, all the same. Ah.. 

By the way, I met little boy named Adib, 2nd grade on elementary school. Unfortunately, I couldn't take a picture with him, my camera is already packed on the suitcase. His school is the place where I slept SD Kemambang 2, Banyu Biru. Nice to meet you, little Adib! I like your clear-eyed :)