Forever Young!

"Tonight, we are young.. So let's set the world on fire
we can burn brighter than the sun.."

Fun - We Are Young

I'm so thankful of being young people! Jong Java! I am very grateful to God for allowing me feel how to be a young people. This phase is the best part ever in life. We made mistakes then we realize that we were wrong, we make some ideas, we are active on some orgaization, we express opinions, we act. 

I'd like to socialize. Of course, everyone should happy to do this. It's fun, meeting new people everyday. New charachter, new chit-chat-style, new faces, and new atmosphere. I'm not created from popular place when high school. I'm just an Alumni of state vocational high school around Semarang. Here now, I'm studying in state Polytechnic, still in Semarang. I have quite experience joining some organization. I've ever be the member of student council on junior high school, joining basketball team on high school, chief editor of school magazine for one period. I'm very interested joining some population, which is have some vision and mission. One goal, together. Feel so good, comparing ideas from different thought. Many ideas, imagination, opinion, different point of view, open-minded, sensitive's sense of youth about global issue's around.

Maybe those sentences above, are some reasons why I joining this Intenational Youth Committe. It's good to be an AISEC-er, so far. You need to know that ACTUALLY I was just curious about how this International Committe work. I passed from some selection test such as applying form, Forum Group Discussion, and the last interview. I like the Forum Group Discussion (my team member was great people!) and Interview selection proccess :) Uhm, maybe some of you think that I'm just too overwhelming. Yeah maybe. I know, it wouldn't be great if I haven't yet to contribute directly on each project that will be held. You know? I'm one of the two colleger from my university who accepted to be the part of 172 members hehehehe. I hope hope hope, the LC would never questioned if I'm not from the university which is oversees the LC :') and then I could more contribute well.. Amiin 

Haha just played with my webcam and did some silly photos! x) Weekend is gonna be oveerrrrr, guys! welcome to the reality!

Ah, you should visit the tutorial of eyes and nose by Asyera Bella's here! I've try and this is the result -_- bad, huh?

it's toooooo baad x( I see something weird on her eyes hahahaha 


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