FKBSE 2012 : Healthy and Care

Well, first you should know that I 'steal' a few minute to blogging while I'm doing my tasks. Oh my God, my task such like a water. Flowing and coming almost everyday. Little bit stress but everything is still undercontrol. Alhamdulillah.. :)

So, I spent my last weekend by visiting some place near the mountain, quite far from town and we went there by bus for about an hour. The place was not that cold, but really steep. We called it Banyu Biru village, which is located among Ambarawa and Salatiga. Its actually my campus event for electrical engineering's new college student. Our mission is to assimilate with the folks around there, and serve free medical check-up for those who want to check their health condition. We also give some groceries for those who has medium level of economic. Helped by village officials, we shared the groceries together, and we did it fast :| 

My favourite activity is when we painted the portal eventhough I didn't do that. I let the another do that hehehehe it was just too sleepy zzZ :p Ah you should know that the percussion project of my class has won the art competition night in day 1! Wohooo so happy and proud! We only practiced a few days before the competition :p The gift was not so interesting but it's all about the glory.

Uhhm I kinda like that place. It was reminding me about my mom and dad's hometown that used to visited every holiday of Eid Mubarak. The atmosphere, the evening surrounding, all the same. Ah.. 

By the way, I met little boy named Adib, 2nd grade on elementary school. Unfortunately, I couldn't take a picture with him, my camera is already packed on the suitcase. His school is the place where I slept SD Kemambang 2, Banyu Biru. Nice to meet you, little Adib! I like your clear-eyed :) 


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