Bismillah.. Coming soon will born..


The sun seems shines too bright. Everyone said the weather was "too friendly". For me, the hot weather will be more perfect if I eat something hot and spicy! *oh I'm craving for meatball right now. Please somebody treat me!* :D Well! last night, my brother and I (the fan of instant noodle) made some instant noodle but in another variant to serve. Basiclly that was still same, but we mix it with another ingredients hehe. You may do this as well when you make an instant noodle, but I just wanna share because that was the first time for me except add some egg or vegetables. Even the way I cooked was "TRIAL" 
  • melt the butter
  • chop the onion then put it on the pot
  • stir and wait 
  • put some corned beef, salt, pepper, and a little bit sugar
  • stir and cook until the corned going reddish and well-done
  • then put some water and wait until boiling
  • put the noodle and boiled till cooked. dont forget to put an egg and stir. make sure the egg well-mixed
  • put some vegetables before it ready to dish (here I use pakcoy). We just need one minute to blanch the pakcoy to make it still cruncy and keep the vitamin
  • take it off and serve with chili powder :) nyam!

looked pale bcz I haven't mix it up with the seasoning yet hehe 

So did my brother! he made fried instant noodle with 'his' variant recipes. 

ah I like my brother's mine! :9

Another favourite pattern of my DIY dress made by mom hehe

ngah! I should called 4LaY! x)


My latest photoworks with guys on School last Monday... bright light, sun-shine, wide parking without any car, perfect! ;)

catch our dream! jump so high to reaching - young, brave, and happy!
*all those photo was taken by Kunto 

Just finished doing my final report of vocational and yearbook project, and I'm glad I've done my best Alhamdulillah... :) When I start to write this post I just realized that with the completion of the final report and project of making a yearbook, it will soon be over as well the school which is took for 4 years :') Oh my... time flies sooooooooo fast! My friends also felt the same. Our togetherness will never be replaced by anything. 4 years for are 'plus' time for us to more embrace each other. Another high school may simply need to take only 3 years of school, but we? we are PLUS :') guys, start to shared our memories on shape photos or video through our forum on facebook. All those guys gave their best comments and thumbs, include me! Well, at least less than a month we are still have a time to playing around or just spending time together. 5 years or 10 years later.. who knows, you guys are gonna be something be proud of. Let wishing that we are gonna be happy and proud to say that "She/He is my best-friend on school! it's lucky for me to had a friends like him/her! :)" when someday, we meet again! I LOVE YOU, GUYS!

I checked my files and collect some photos, the old one - the loved ones :)

Ah! I know it looked nerd but that was original me! :'D tacky!

I'm tired of home. I love to laugh with you. I can only laugh as free as as sparrow. Then? who's gonna make me laugh, when we have graduated and parted ways?

Ah.... I LOVE YOU, Guys! Big hug, please? :')

Had a goooooooood gooooddddd time with my whole classmates (not really whole, actually) but we still had a fun! Went to Hutan Penggaron as a setting to hunted some photos shoot for yearbook. My school, is the kind of school which's over-reliance with their student's creativity. So, no more third-part of making year book such like another school in town. well, the positive side is, we are saving some money :) OK back to our activity -- indeed, the location of Hutan Penggaron is quite far from town and we just left at 9 a.m, an hour longer from our first plan. 8 o'clock! hahahaha, simply we were there. The most beautiful forest near town I've ever seen! whoaaaaaa :O even my heart couldn't wait more to snap some shoots! After dressing and prepared some properties, we started to take some photos according to the alphabetical's name of us. Quite difficult ditecting poses while in front of camera and witnessed by other guys, we aren't professional photoworks but we tried to do our best ;) always! The project photos haven't done yet, so I can't share those here rightnow. moreover, it just like a surprise for the result. I'll post it soon, for sure. For now, I just wanna share some photos that I took when we were doing a photo session. Bunch of pictures, AGAIN! :D

*errr who's behind me?

those all photo was edited by me, some are shooted by another. Uhm, by the way I just shared some here, bcz actually there are so many photos I took heheh :p

Good night, good people!

Weheh.. gonna make some short posting about Tino's character that I made a few weeks ago but just done hehe :p I'm sorry for waiting too long tins, I was quite busy lately hahahahah

I hope he like it! :D 

Oh! he made one for me, too! He sent it via bbm. Gonna share it soon :)

My last trip with my best-best-best friend was so lovable! We (I and Lucy) visited Zulfa's house for the first time in Kudus, Central Java! And honestly, that was the firts time for me exploring Kudus for only less than 24 hours! it was WOW :D One thing that I love from this small city is almost all of the houses are ancient style like old town, so that I couldn't control my finger to grab my camera and took some photos. And for your informations, Zulfa's house is one of the ancient style I loved! blend of ancient Javanesse house, touch of Europe's style.. Such a creepy yet awesome! hahah I proved it! Even I could slept tightly ;) 

Well, the next day after arrived, we decided to visited "Museum Kretek Kudus" Ah.. now I know why there are a lot of old-fashioned-house. The Dutch were very interesting with income of the city which's famous for the best quality tabacco at that time and served as a valuable export commodity. Moreover, a hundred years ago there were many well-known manufacturers of cigarettes and still exist nowadays. And automatically, there were a lot of  Dutch, particulary for merchant lived in this city :) uumm ... I guess.... *well I'm lack of History Subject at school. Just ignored me if I had wrong theory :p* 

Here are some of my photos that we took - all edited by me! 

it's gates of Zulfa's house. Prove that it ancient enough? yes! unexpectated

round faces of me! xoxo

Our morning tea, served by Zulfa's mom. She's warm lady like another mom :) 

I'm obsessed to made/edit my photos looked like that (above) it's old-fashioned-tone photo color. LOVE!

such like a candy's wrap! :p

photo above is located in front of Zulfa's neighbor. All of her neighbors have an old houses x)

Sorry for give you a bunch of documentations-trip like a hell :p I just can't get enough to let my camera in idle :p Alhamdulillah ....

Oh my God got a gooood news that I passed the test of Semarang State Polytechnic - Special Class for Vocational Student or something like that heheheh :p actually I don't know exactly what it called. Hohh, the result should be announced next May but some friends said that it's already announced since yesterday! I feel relieved because at least I have a back-up-plan before I struggling on SNMPTN on next June! In life, there's always a sadness behind the happiness thing. Yes, some friends didn't :( I hope they got the better ways than us. Amiiin :') Beside that, today was the day I field my report to get the approval and signature of my teacher for adviser. guess? I got it easily! waaaaaaa God's very kind <3

Say no more... today was so beautiful! even the sky and the weather. Feel so alive and bright. I love today, I love Allah. And of course, I love the people around me. Bless us please, either double or single :)