Shining and Favourite

The sun seems shines too bright. Everyone said the weather was "too friendly". For me, the hot weather will be more perfect if I eat something hot and spicy! *oh I'm craving for meatball right now. Please somebody treat me!* :D Well! last night, my brother and I (the fan of instant noodle) made some instant noodle but in another variant to serve. Basiclly that was still same, but we mix it with another ingredients hehe. You may do this as well when you make an instant noodle, but I just wanna share because that was the first time for me except add some egg or vegetables. Even the way I cooked was "TRIAL" 
  • melt the butter
  • chop the onion then put it on the pot
  • stir and wait 
  • put some corned beef, salt, pepper, and a little bit sugar
  • stir and cook until the corned going reddish and well-done
  • then put some water and wait until boiling
  • put the noodle and boiled till cooked. dont forget to put an egg and stir. make sure the egg well-mixed
  • put some vegetables before it ready to dish (here I use pakcoy). We just need one minute to blanch the pakcoy to make it still cruncy and keep the vitamin
  • take it off and serve with chili powder :) nyam!

looked pale bcz I haven't mix it up with the seasoning yet hehe 

So did my brother! he made fried instant noodle with 'his' variant recipes. 

ah I like my brother's mine! :9

Another favourite pattern of my DIY dress made by mom hehe

ngah! I should called 4LaY! x)



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