The Ancient

My last trip with my best-best-best friend was so lovable! We (I and Lucy) visited Zulfa's house for the first time in Kudus, Central Java! And honestly, that was the firts time for me exploring Kudus for only less than 24 hours! it was WOW :D One thing that I love from this small city is almost all of the houses are ancient style like old town, so that I couldn't control my finger to grab my camera and took some photos. And for your informations, Zulfa's house is one of the ancient style I loved! blend of ancient Javanesse house, touch of Europe's style.. Such a creepy yet awesome! hahah I proved it! Even I could slept tightly ;) 

Well, the next day after arrived, we decided to visited "Museum Kretek Kudus" Ah.. now I know why there are a lot of old-fashioned-house. The Dutch were very interesting with income of the city which's famous for the best quality tabacco at that time and served as a valuable export commodity. Moreover, a hundred years ago there were many well-known manufacturers of cigarettes and still exist nowadays. And automatically, there were a lot of  Dutch, particulary for merchant lived in this city :) uumm ... I guess.... *well I'm lack of History Subject at school. Just ignored me if I had wrong theory :p* 

Here are some of my photos that we took - all edited by me! 

it's gates of Zulfa's house. Prove that it ancient enough? yes! unexpectated

round faces of me! xoxo

Our morning tea, served by Zulfa's mom. She's warm lady like another mom :) 

I'm obsessed to made/edit my photos looked like that (above) it's old-fashioned-tone photo color. LOVE!

such like a candy's wrap! :p

photo above is located in front of Zulfa's neighbor. All of her neighbors have an old houses x)

Sorry for give you a bunch of documentations-trip like a hell :p I just can't get enough to let my camera in idle :p Alhamdulillah ....


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