Behind The Scene #1 : Went Picnic with Mates

Had a goooooooood gooooddddd time with my whole classmates (not really whole, actually) but we still had a fun! Went to Hutan Penggaron as a setting to hunted some photos shoot for yearbook. My school, is the kind of school which's over-reliance with their student's creativity. So, no more third-part of making year book such like another school in town. well, the positive side is, we are saving some money :) OK back to our activity -- indeed, the location of Hutan Penggaron is quite far from town and we just left at 9 a.m, an hour longer from our first plan. 8 o'clock! hahahaha, simply we were there. The most beautiful forest near town I've ever seen! whoaaaaaa :O even my heart couldn't wait more to snap some shoots! After dressing and prepared some properties, we started to take some photos according to the alphabetical's name of us. Quite difficult ditecting poses while in front of camera and witnessed by other guys, we aren't professional photoworks but we tried to do our best ;) always! The project photos haven't done yet, so I can't share those here rightnow. moreover, it just like a surprise for the result. I'll post it soon, for sure. For now, I just wanna share some photos that I took when we were doing a photo session. Bunch of pictures, AGAIN! :D

*errr who's behind me?

those all photo was edited by me, some are shooted by another. Uhm, by the way I just shared some here, bcz actually there are so many photos I took heheh :p

Good night, good people!


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