Jakarta City Philharmonic: Tiga

Mall is no longer my destination to hanging out with or just spending some times. I prefer to the sort-of-kind of thing like an art exhibition, pet, art market, or a gig. I am so sucker of entertainment. I spent most of my teenage years by hoping to one gig to another. The fact that on the day when I realize I need to moved to Jakarta, is the same day when I listing my next-to place to visit as Jakarta has lots of events. Long story short, I found Jakarta City Philharmonic and finally I had a chance to watched their live perform on Wednesday, November 27th 2019 - the last year's concert in 2019. For those who didn't know yet, just check this out 

Jakarta City Philharmonic performs regularly every month with a different theme and programme. I skipped several times since the schedule did not work for me (or some other time I was just ran out of ticket). This time, the show was called Tiga as they celebrate their 3rd anniversary. The programme was to brought a piece of work by Leopold Godowsky (1870-1938)seriously, I actually don't know who is this guy thoand the star of the show was to brought a piece of work by Gustav Mahler (1860-1911)apalagi ini! but as the common art perform/art exhibition, they always comes with a booklet who explain of the details regarding to the event. Thank God!the man told that they both were a musicians, a masters who create a symphony that tells their experiences, feeling, and all the stuffs that happened to their life. Leopold Godowsky wrote his Suita Jawa as he'd been visited Java Island, Indonesia back then and mesmerized by the sounds of Gamelan Jawa and how mysteriously it was for him. I myself could feel that 'Gamelan' sense when the solo pianist started to play the intro of the Gamelan (one of the part of Suita Jawa). It sounds so familiar. And then they play Gustav Mahler's symphony no 3 which was tells about all of the tragedies that happened along the way. It was ups and down, sad and happy, born and death. It was play very ironically you could feel the gloomy instruments hidden in a playful melody.

Well there was a moment when I had tears in my eyes. When the show was about to start, Budi Utomo asked the audience to stand up and sang along Indonesia Raya. It was OK for me until I realize, "this Indonesia Raya song was played live by the orchestra. The music I hear is real it is not a recording" semakin menjadi-jadi ketika lagu tidak berhenti setelah lirik "..hiduplah Indonesia Raya"  we sang the complete version of Indonesia Raya; verse1, verse2, and verse3. I cried just like that. It just felt more and more beautiful.

The total duration of the show was almost 2 hours with 15 minutes break. Turned out, symphony no 3 by Gustav Mahler is the longest piece of work that he wrotethis was according to the opening-speech man, again I had no clue wkwkbut some part need to cut for the sake of duration. I decided to took some picture, and had a short recording but the rest I prefer to focus till the last tone. The closure was soooooooo perfect! Man, I wish I could picture it for you. The last tone was there and no one clap their hand for some seconds.. Budi Utomo as the conductor grab the holder on the back right after they finished. All freeze!. He turned around and bowing to implied that the show has finished. It was such a dramatic ending. 

It's great to watch people with some talent / gift. To enjoy them, enjoying what they're really good at. I went home with a full-filling heart. That talented guys and girls is no kidding y'all. For more information on how to registered as an audience for the next year's concert, just keep an eye on their Instagram account. 


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