Himalaya - Maliq and D'essentials 

Well, where to start? 

Speaking of which, have you ever had a certain-specific place or city that remind you much about how you fight for something? A struggle to what you really desire and dreamed about? I am sure you do. Looking back to my memory lane in April 2015 where I finally graduated from my diploma, there was a story behind that achievement. This might not really something for some people but it surely does for me. About the city that I didn't visit that much, yet so exciting to be visited to. To the city that I never thought I would make a story to tell. The place where I put all of the hopes, fears, and let everything happened, happen. 

I never thought that I had to feel it all over again. But this time, I fight differently. Stand there don't be afraid. You weren't be there without any reason. There's something that destined for you. Good or bad.


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