Please Be Gentle

Can’t believe we are about to hit a new cycle all over again, and you could count how many times I popped-up in this blog throughout this year. Oh, shame on me. Well, last update of my life that I am now living in the capital city, and it’s about 6 months now. So this is the first time for me spending my new year’s eve faraway from home. Same activity, though; cuddling in the blanket, watching movie / cooking channel, and reminiscing the days I spent for the past 12 months and then maybe will pass-out just after

As the year of self-improvement, 2018 might one of the thoughtful years I had in my life. It’s a lost-and-found year for me. I ‘forced’ myself to be able to live far away from home, manage my own money, fulfilled my days alone, struggle to save every penny, handle how bitter it does waving your hand each time leaving home , and realized how lost I am as an working-adult. It’s the year that slap me right in the face tried to say that I am absolutely nothing. It’s the year of learning all over again, from the freaking-zero.  But in the other side, a bunch of people I met here has thought me a lot of things (that actually made me feel absolutely nothing even more hahaha) but yeah, if we could see from the bright side is that I learn. I learn every single day! Not only about work things but also about life and of course adulthood. 

I still feel mesmerizing each time life surprise us in soooo many ways. Sometimes you’re not prepared for it but it just happened. I didn’t prepared to live faraway from home, but it happened. I didn’t plan to hurt someone’s heart but it happened. I did it, even not in purpose. I didn’t plan to fall for someone, but I eventually did. I didn’t plan to have a circle, but I finally jumped to it, all over again. It freak me out sometimes, but things happen for a reason. (what a coincidence that God’s Plan by Drake shuffling on my playlist right now) 

So here it is. I am so unprepared for 2019, please be gentle.  


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