A New Year's Letter

It's 2 hours away to 2018 and here I am sitting on my room, writing down what I've been through during 2017 to reminiscing what was bad, and what was good.

Not like any typical new year's eve I used to had, today is about myself. I'd like to take my time to think about what was going on in 2017. I sums-up this year as a roller coaster, especially on my career. I kick-off the year with an opportunity to watched Coldplay's live concert in Singapore and I can barely remember any other things better in early 2017 until I hit the mid year and decided to finish my career as a Business Analyst.

Well, I must say that this year is a turning point on my career, a year of taking risk. After spent 2 years in IT & Business Consulting Company, I took my chance to be in another business. I just think that I deserve some new things in my career. Big company was my destination to settle down. But somehow, I ended up in a Creative Industry Business; the field that I always dream of to work at. It is not that bad after all but still, it's hard to adapt in a new business, new culture, and new salary - even for Pisces. But so far, I enjoy the job and I've learned many things already and I cannot wait for more knowledge to absorb.

During my job-search period, I spent months questioning about self-values. So many 'why' questions that ruined my optimism, yet create new perspectives (one of the 'new thing' that I wish I could find). I shared some thoughts with my friend who had the same issues like mine (actually) but I never realized as he is so smart to hide it, that I need to learn from him :p

So that was my year. I was kidding when I said I can barely remember any other things better in early 2017 hahahaha of course I had many happy things during 2017! But it must be too cliches to write down here. One thing for sure, I will embrace this year with a grateful feeling no matter what, as I survived another year in this world as a rookie. I'll make it count, won't waste. Good health and wealth awaits insyaAllah.. 

Happy New Year, 

Fira x


  1. Selamat tahun baru y Fira ,
    I Love You
    by:your secret admirer


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