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Mas, sumpah? 
Once in a lifetime lho :p 

November 2016 must be the time that I would never forget. The month when Mas Rio-a very old-friend of mine from junior high, contacted me and told that he got tickets for Coldplay, A Head Full of Dreams Tour - Singapore 2017. It strike me so hard until my I lost my words and disconnected in the middle of conversation with my mom and her guest that we had at that time. I laugh when I remember that moment. It was so silly x) 

Gelap! Mbak nya yang nge fotoin jahat :( 

I actually didn't plan, but Mas Rio came with words "once in a lifetime" that really woke me up from a dead-faint-dream of mine, a list that I thought must be impossible for someone like me, which is; at least once before I die, I have to watch an international music event outside country. This might be a
silly dream to those who have more opportunity to make it easier. But not for me, as I am just one of those tiny struggling girl against the world (HALAH!) 

Ber-6! While waiting for Gate Open

Coldplay is definitely everyone's memorable band. I knew Coldplay back then from my sister when she was in high school and I was in elementary. As I remember, the very first songs I heard from Coldplay is In My Place, The Scientist, Fix You, Speed of Sound, and the one that really really really close to my heart is Clocks. Clocks is one the Original Soundtrack from Live Action: Peter Pan. The funny thing was; I really familiar with Clocks but I didn't know the title of that song until in high school day offs, my friend played this song and I was sooooooo histeria asked him what was the title of that song x) Thaaats the way I knew the title. Speed of Sound also the song that really close to my heart because the lyric seems show us that you should never give up. It delivered in a such a heartwarming ways.. and birds go flying at the speed of sound to show you how it all begins, birds came flying from the underground, if you could see it then you'd understand... 

*those who slightly listen to this song, please do it now, read the lyric and you will feel better :')

The view when the Gate just opened

So! We prepared all the things from December, while the asia tour will start on April 2017. As usual, no need to asked my mum for a permission, she will definitely permit it (and indeed she is!) as long as I can take care of the things I need. We head along with another friends; Mas Icang, Mas Fajar, and Mas Rio (itself), Mas Dimas, and Aylsa. Aylsa and I decided to head off from Jogjakarta as the ticket was cheaper, while the boys head off from Jakarta directly to Singapore a day earlier. We talked and prepared all the things together from faraway through WhatsApp Group. We need to wait around 4 months until the d-day. We shared song list from previous concert, memorize the lyric and so on. I am a concert freak. I won't let myself just quiet, standing still and blank the lyrics. I will feel empty. I set Coldplay songs as my daily playlist everyday just to make sure that I know by heart the lyrics. Bored? yes but I wouldn't mind. Each time I watched Coldplay's video perform on Youtube from previous gig, my heart beating so hard, and my hands was so cold. I only able to watched in first 2 or 3 minutes maximum hahaha 

Waiting for 30th March 2017 was killing. That might be the first time I wanted to finish my favorite month ever so soon. I wanted to make it perfect adventure so I remind Aylsa many times to keep focus, woke her up earlier just to avoid traffic/another obstacle that might happened tho she just slept 2 or 3 hours before our fllight as she need to head from Semarang to Jogja at night hahaha maafkan aku ya Saaaa xD but she is gooooood travel companion! 

Aylsa Radiar, the travel buddy! Funny thing about us was we wore the similar shoes and outfit when we back home x) padahal ngga janjian. Sampe mirip mirip anak kembar :p

Alhamdulillah we arrived safely and just in time at the hotel and met the others based on the plan. After pray and had lunch (makan aja waktu itu udah ngga fokus, rasanya pengen cepetan sampe Stadium!), we head off at 3 pm, SG time.

Picture from Festivals before the show *Mas Fajar aku ijin ambil fotonya dari Facebook yak! :p

As the gate opened at 7 pm, here they are our adventure of a lifetime began...................... :') 

 Even though in our song list from #ColdplayAbuDhabi we've shared there's Clocks, but I didn't expect that Clocks will we played. But turned out it played! I cried so hard.. 

 Special for #ColdplaySingapore Day 2 - Something Just Like This ft The Chainsmoker was played and the performed, the lighting, the fire, the blinkies were so marvelous 

I lost my words, my hands was shaking, my eyes were teary, my heart beat tremendously, I yelled like a crazy (well everyone there did it trust me, even crazier lol). I took so many pictures with the same angle, but each picture has a different feeling. I recorded randomly as I was tooo enjoyed the show. I even missed some songs to recorded. I'm not used to take a lot of video/picture when I watched concert, but I can't handle it this time as I want to keep it in my memory and re-watch it again and again T.T 

The blinkies from the xylobands are sooooo mind blowing, and I was part of that blinkies. I was one of those blinkies. One of those blinkies from this world tour............MasyaAllah :') *pas ngetik ini deg-deg an pengen nangis

 Look! I was one on those dots. One of those million star at that night

People said that I was too far, I couldn't see Chris Martin. Indeed. But, you should feel yourself. You'll feel Chris Martin's voice in your heart! The sound system of this concert was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo goooooooooooooooooooooooodddddddddddddddddddddddd OMG!!!! The result of my records are also good. When I volumed up the sound, put my earphone on, and close my eyes, I feel like I'm there. 

I can't believe that Allah gave me this opportunity. I can't believe how Allah grant me with this experience before I die. I can't believe how Allah managed me to get this chance. I can't say thank you enough also to Mas Rio T.T sampe mungkin doi bosen kali ya aku Terima Kasih-in terus terusan hahahaha 

I asked to Aysla during the concert, how does this moment last forever? how can I keep these all in my mind? keep it in my heart? I feel like I want to record the view that I saw that night, the view that I wish I would never forget. The view that I'd like to visualize to my mum at home..... *ah sumpah bergetar lagi hatinya rasanya pengen nangis huhu 

 Crowd after the show

We hurt our foot, tired faces, broken shoulder, but happy! But Mas Icang didn't look so. Mungkin gara-gara takut ketinggalan pesawat kali yak! Almost depature time sih itu soalnya x)

But yes, long story short April 1st 2017 was one of the best day of my life. Definitely my highlight of this year. God bless everyone who were also on #ColdplaySingapore who are accidentally pass through this blog and read. 

Terima Kasih Aylsa, sudah difotoin!

Fira Musyaddad


  1. AAAAH Seru banget mbak! Itu yang nenton berapa sih jumlahnya? Heran, disetiap negara yang didatengin selalu penuh nuh nuh nuh....

    1. Di keterangan yang aku baca sih National Stadium Singapore bisa nampung 55.000an penonton :') itu penuh banget dari tribun keliatannya kayak semut kecil kecil


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