Mengejar Jogja Kembali - 2017

Hi whats up? By the way I just finished design 1st draft of wedding invitation asked by my fellow office who is about to married this year, and I am now wide awake. I am so productive at night, its not fair. So, I open again my laptop and try to write something. Well, I spent my last weekend with Meta and Lucy in Yogyakarta. This was our second visit and we've planned this visitation earlier in February. It was me who came up with humble WhatsApp Group of two of them, randomly asking about weekend staycation. 

I've been sooooo stress at office. My pimples are come up I can't handle it, so did they! Shortly, they said yes. We decided to stay at Greenhost Boutique Hotel, and re-treat our last visit on 2009. OMG it been 8 years since our last visit! We were so young dan dekil abis! But before that, we plan to meet in Yogya directly on Saturday morning, since Lucy is now live in Surabaya. Once I arrived, we decide to visit Ullen Sentalu Museum. None of us have been visited that museum, as the location is far from the downtown. Good thing about this museum was; the visitor did not allowed to took a picture during the visitation. Tour guide will bring you stroll around the museum, then you'll focus on the museum and the collection itself. You have to pay 30K IDR per person for local and 50K for foreigner then you will divided into several group consist of 15 persons (if I'm not mistaken). After 50 minutes of museum tour, we decide to paid a visit to Beukenhof Restaurant. It placed right above the museum. 


TIPS: better use private car/motorcycle to get there. Many informations on internet said that you can get there by public transportation such as angkot, etc. But in fact indeed the Angkot will stop at bus stop (terminal) BUT it still halfway to go to Ullen hahaha the other choice is Ojek but I didn't see any kind of Ojek there. Choose GrabCar/GoCar/of private vehicle 

We headed to Hotel and check-in at 2 PM. On time! Thanks to Go-Car! Well I suggest to stay at Greenhost because I was curious with their concept of being "green-living/green-staying" other than that, the concept of the Hotel was pretty interesting. Although its little bit overexposed as you can see the pool from outside the Hotel, but that's OK because I didn't swim anyway hahahah

TIPS: if you plan to have a staycation trip like me and my friends in this hotel, and consist 3 person in total, make sure you consider about the budget. Hotel rules allows to have 3 person in one room with additional cost of 50% from public room-rate :) 

Someone just bought new phone with magic front cam that made us looookkkk waayy more bbbeeeaaauuutifulllll I can't help!

After clean up and had lunch Nasi Padang ter-enak-selama-weekend, we head up to the street to stroll around Brontokusuman (Prawirotaman, Suryadiningratan, Tirtodipuran) - the location in Yogya that known as "tempatnya bule" :) 

So, we had dinner in Nanamia Pizzeria in Tirtodipuran. So many thing to be catch up with Meta and Lucy. Its been a long time we didn't take a good time to update our life. Meta and Lucy are my kindergarten fellas. I knew them since the verrrryyyyy little. We separated during elementary and junior high, but universe meet us again on senior high! God bless us. Back to the place where we took a Pizza for diner, Nanamia Pizzeria. This place is sooooooooooooooo dope! The backyard open-space restaurant is soooo nailed! The lamp and ambiance was impressed me, really. We spent almost 3 hours there hahaha it was so cozy I can't handle it. The pizza is also gweeeddd! This crust pizza lover around here! Count me! x) Definitely will come back if I had time

The next day was our last day. We decide to visit TamanSari once again, in order to reminiscing the 2009 visit back then. We've tried so hard to re-create our picture in 2009 so we can compare hahah but since the day was so hot and we are extremely tired, we decided to check out earlier and went back home. 

Re-create our picture back then in 2009

We said goodbye to Lucy at the bus stop. She head to the East, Meta and I head back to the North

Face the office things in the next day! Salute!



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