3 Days for Singapore! - Part 2

The story continues.. 

I woke up at 10.30 pm when Mbak Annisa and Mbak Wahyu came back from Bugis Juction to buy some cosmetics. We planned the activity we would have for the next day. So, Mbak Wahyu and I will start the day earlier than Mbak Annisa and Mbak Elsy. We would like to visit The Henderson Waves Bridge. This bridge is located in Henderson Street. We took an MRT from Bugis to Harborfront then continue it by bus. We took number 131 or 145 and stopped at Henderson St. bus stop. I can see the bridge once I arrived at the bus stop.
Henderson Waves Bridge from the stairs

The bridge can be reached by climbing some stairs (some like A LOT) and it was very steep. I was exhausted hahaha but the good things was the sun shines very shy that day. So it was not that hot, yet humid since there are a lot of tree and lush green land almost like a forest in the city. Handerson Waves is 0.30 km long and took only 10 minutes to passed through corner to corner. Why it called waves? Because when you see in the right side, you'll see the architecture is similar to the waves (but made from metal :p) This place apparently become the hype place in Singapore nowadays but I don't even know! Well, collected a lots of photo, check! 


 View from Henderson Waves Bridge - I was amazed with the view. I just realized that this bridge is quite high until I can see the sea right over there. Look! 

 This area is also a place for a sports freak! There are several stop point with simple gym facilitation. So, no wonder when I went there, there are many people jogging, or do some sport. 

 Silaw, sis? :p

Then we continue to Sentosa Island (the place where you can take a photo in front of big UNIVERSAL STUDIO globe, without entering the USS and it's like a common place but c'mon! :p) we just stroll around there, and since it was Saturday so the place was very crowded and getting annoying. So we decided to leave earlier at 3 PM and went to Marina Bay to take a rest and looking for a wind! Sumukkk sekali

 On the way to Sentosa. Hujan!
 Capek sis? 


We took a long walk from Marina Bay MRT to the most famous Merlion Statue - but again, since it was Saturday yaaah you know I'd like to talk about. Rame seperti pasar! We skipped the Merlion selfie and straight to Gardens by the Bay.

 Marina Way - Sepi sekali, bukan? Bisa tiduran di jalan ini mah :p 

 My favorite piture of all. I hurt my neck. These guys are soooo damn high!

 Now you know why we skip Merlion Selfie, huh? Look at that crowd!
Meanwhile, 2 SGD of Ice Cream accompanied or long walk passing through The Helix Bridge. The sweet corn flavor was ultimately insane yet delicate! I felt like I ate chips with sweet corn flavor but this one is sweet and cold :p 
 Inside Marina Bay Sands Hotel! :D

I would like to share something to you here. So, as I said before, its Singapore already, and most people here are not moslem so you might in trouble to found mushola or prayer room for moslem. During our way to Marina Bay, I remember that I need to had a pray, for Duhur and Ashar. In moslem, if we are on the long way from home, we can merge the pray in certain condition and rule. It was 5 PM and I need to pray before the Ashar time over. I lost hope to find any proper place to have a pray. There are a lot of giant building but I'm not so sure there's mushola inside there. Whatever I just ran with Mbak Elsy looking for any toilets with the expectation; if there's toilet, there must be baby room there. We run to OUE Building to found a toilet, took tap water for drink, and wudhu. But we still couldn't find mushola. Since the building is quite deserted, so whatever Mbak Elsy and I, decided to had a prayer in the hallway out of the building. Wallahu alam. I was sad yet relieved that I finally pray before Ashar time was over. Tips for me, it would be good if you can go abroad where you will hard to find mushola and you are on your period hahaha but if its not, this moment is when your faith questioned :p

 View from OUE Link

Well, finally! Gardens by the Bay at 7 PM, ladies and gentleman!. The place was sooo beautiful. I enjoyed a lot the Super Tree Groove show, and went home with broken legs :'D but the journey haven't over yet. While Mbak Wahyu and Mbak Elsy back to hostel, Mbak Annisa and I once again stroll around Haji Lane, to visit several shop there. It was around 8 or 9 PM I forgot. We were end-up in Darwish Turkish Restaurant near our hostel to had diner. We had Kasrli Kofte to share since it was huge portion. It's like a patty but made from ground lamb poured with spicy turkey souce. IT WAS SO GOOODDD!! 

We head back to hostel with a happy feeling, exhausted, relieved, stuffed, and stinky :p 

But me and mbak Annisa had not enough. With the rest of our energy, we stroll once more time to Haji Lane, hope for another cute thing to be bought, and we were end up in Turkish Restaurant near our hostel; it called Darwish Turkish Restaurant

So finally! We've come to the end of the day of holiday. Our flight was about 14.25 but we decided to off from hostel at 10 am after short morning walk around our neighborhood. Its soooo tiring, our legs was broken, but we were totally happy. Our trip was totally unplanned and it was amazing. I've been saving for several months, and then just simply decided to use it for a short trip abroad with the ladies. I didn't ask a permission to my Mom before I booked the ticket because I definitely know that she must say yes and she did with no hesitate :D because I simply like my Mom who love to go here and there. It's just different when you go somewhere, all using your own money. It's a gift from myself, to myself! :)


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