Finally, Malang!

So this trip was the first trip for me visiting Malang, East Java. Shame on me, but yes! I visited Malang several time actually but just for group vacation which for me was not really visitation. Since I only passed through, and straight to Batu instead of exploring Malang itself. Indeed, there's not many places to visit in Malang but this city is quite excites me. 

I actually went there to attend national reunion of high school, but it end up with Ghea instead. My friends told me that the reunion was postponed after Christmas, right after my day-off application has approved! -_- I directly contact Ghea who now living back in Malang. She was available and ready to bu a guide for me during my visit. 

I took a train from Yogyakarta to Malang and arrived there at 5 in the morning. There's nothing really special when I went there, except the moment when I finally meet up again with Ghea plus Nana! We just strolling around the city (and Oh I love the neighborhood, really!) there are sooooooo many ancient house along the main street. I distracted so many times when I was driving hahaha I just can't help myself. I just love how small the city and but so many places to go. But mostly like cafes, restaurant. I planned to visit Batu, Malang but my Mom suddenly catch me up directly to Malang haha so my Malang trip was shortened and I back home a day earlier than my plan. 

I was like a little kid when I visited Splendid - the flower market and found Brusless Sprout seed! I owe money to Ghea since I haven't take my cash hahahahaha 

That's quite short story indeed but so many experience. Can't wait to have another solo/group trip in another city in Indonesia. or abroad maybe? ;) 

See Malang Trip version by Ghea here

Picture taken from Ghea. The upcoming pictures from me will uploaded soon! :)


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