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Sunday and perfect weather outside just to stay at home, take a rest, and maybe update the blog!? Yesterday, I visited Candi Gedong Songo for the second time with office fellas. We actually prepared a picnic activity, while embracing the cold and fresh air in the foothills of Ungaran Mountain, under the roof of clear and blue sky. 

The faces before hiking and exhausted and confidence to be able to reach the 9th temple :p

BUT! Plan was just a plan. It started to drizzle, and rain and we have no place to spread the carpet and chillin' under the clear sky hahaha but I think that's okay because I'm not the one who controlled the rain, tho :p Take a cover under the carpeeeeet!!

Charles be like "left..right..left...right...left...right"

Someone became nuts! Ahahaha xD

Gedong Songo known as those 9 temples, placed separately around 1 km from one to another. Since it was rain and me and Pinky and another dudes were exhausted, so we only reached second temple then go back again hahaha we found an empty hunt on the way back and decided to stay there to rest and to eat the rest of the food we had. I made them a Banoffee Pie. Just so you know that it was my first Banoffee Pie and they are the first tester. Thank God it was good and I didn't screw up their tummy. Well, who doesn't love dessert? It was very sweet since I use condensed milk as the caramel (dulce de leche) but that's okay, that's why I called it sugar rush :p I don't have any picture of my sweet Banoffee Pie, and the last bite saved by Gaspard. Horay! No left-over. 

Like little mama feed her big son which actually my boss! :p

Well, no game at our outing activity but I feel pretty happy because we can hangout together. We spent the rest of the day by eating lunch together, making gossip :p, take A LOT of photos, and shopping for plants and traditional food market around Bandungan. Too bad for Jakarta and Bekasi team couldn't join us. Hope next time with well-planned, serious outing activity and destination. 

Little kids (Senda and Fira), Pinky and Gaspard


Grumpy Charles needs some foods :p

See you on Monday!!xx


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