Piknik Dangdut

Went picnic with my girls due to the perfect weather and imperfect financial but we craving for meet-up. So I got an idea to held a summer picnic by the lake in our hometown and all the girls agreed about that. Since we had to minimize the budget (in this case was about the food and beverage we should bring) so we divided into 4 part. Those who brought carbohydrate, those who brought protein, those who brought fruits/vegetable, and those who brought minerals/snacks. I was chosen to brought carbohydrate and I decided to make fried rice and pancake coupled with home made strawberry jam. 

Another girls, brought protein. It was actually Zulfa who had to bring it but sadly, he couldn't came along with us due to her father was sick so he had to went home immediately. It went to Cita. She was chosen to brought minerals, snacks and protein. Sweet and fresh fruits went to Tia whilst veggies salad went to Lucy. She also made her home made kroket which was SOOOO GOOOD!

Just like another girls we did a chit-chat, took a picture, laughter was in the air and he had a goood goooooood time. I miss my girls as always.

Our dress code was actually white but Lucy wore black with Zulfa, but since Zulfa didn't came along, we just like polkadot. 



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