Went picnic with my girls due to the perfect weather and imperfect financial but we craving for meet-up. So I got an idea to held a summer picnic by the lake in our hometown and all the girls agreed about that. Since we had to minimize the budget (in this case was about the food and beverage we should bring) so we divided into 4 part. Those who brought carbohydrate, those who brought protein, those who brought fruits/vegetable, and those who brought minerals/snacks. I was chosen to brought carbohydrate and I decided to make fried rice and pancake coupled with home made strawberry jam. 

Another girls, brought protein. It was actually Zulfa who had to bring it but sadly, he couldn't came along with us due to her father was sick so he had to went home immediately. It went to Cita. She was chosen to brought minerals, snacks and protein. Sweet and fresh fruits went to Tia whilst veggies salad went to Lucy. She also made her home made kroket which was SOOOO GOOOD!

I'm speechless not because I sad to know the truth.
It's been.. 2 years.
I'm speechless because this is the stupid way to realizing. 
It is the higher level of moron.
Laugh to myself. 
Laugh out loud.
Because the stream of life is way too funny, sometimes.
It's enough. 
It is stupid enough.

Hi! Firstly first I'd like to say Happy Holiday to all of you! We're gonna hit the end-year of 2014. OMG Time flies! Well, as I said before at my Instagram (btw you can check my Instagram account @firamusyaddad hihi) that I'd like to share my experiences and recipe with Letusee Home Made Pesto I found in Yogyakarta (I bought online, by the way) SO  here I am excited to write the post about it during my messy time typing for my final project report. 

I am a kinda pasta lover. I'd like to try many various pasta dish. One of my list is Pesto Pasta. You may find Bolognese, Alfredo, Marinara, Aglio e Olio, Carbonara etc. easily here in my hometown but I noticed there are a few restaurants serves Pesto Pasta due to its weirdest color (like GREEN!), or for some another reasons. I don't know. Even if it possible to find here, I still haven't an opportunities to give it a try. You know, 'wallet-alert' and my busy-crazy day at campus. I googled, and found that make a homemade Pesto Pasta was actually way too easy. First option, you have to make your own Pesto Sauce yet you can't find Basil Leaves easily here at the hometown (again. OMG) Second option, you have to looking for an Instant Pesto Pasta at the nearest groceries. I chose the second one. I found it, and it imported all the way from Italy. Yay! But there's no Halal label on it. Problem. 


As a follower of Diana Rikasari, I found Letusee. It's halal and it also send from my loveliest country, Yogyakarta (which is mean the customer service must be sooooo friendly). I am a happy kid. I was wondering.. how does the taste of Pesto would be like. I know I am so cheesy hahahaha but yap. I decided to make simple pesto pasta with shrimp and cherry tomato (play save!). Here is my simple recipe :