Over Thought

I've been super duper busy lately. Not lately actually but since my last post about HomeVisit #3 and I have to back to school then start my daily collage life which is BUSY! Well, one major update that I'd like to share here is about got new another nephew! Little 'buntel' Muhammad Adhyaksa Narotama, and we all call him Aksa :) 

Ramadhan 1435H was his first Ramadhan he spent with this new little family. 

By the way, we all finally collected again after almost 6 months separated for intern. All of us is on our way to graduate April 2015. Wish us luck! 

Leaving Jogjakarta is never be so easy.

Anyway, what I want to share here is about my two days off every weekend. I looooovvveee weekend since the weekdays is always run crazier every single day. I always dedicated my weekend for myself, my family, and sometimes friend BUT it turned out with finish a bunch of tasks for the next week (because of the due date is always one week later) it's not fair. There are soooo many activities that I want to do during my weekend but always excluded by another thing (or another task -_-) and sometimes excluded because there are just too many. TOO MANY! Maybe because some last week's thoughts has postponed and need to realize this weekend, where this weekend I have the another thought and another activity to do. It's like accumulate every week and getting bigger....... No wonder why I have no enough time to spare for writing a post on blog. Even just some simple thought.

I wanna do this, I wanna do that, I wanna cook this, I wanna make that, I wanna try dat restaurant, I wanna go here and there, I wanna buy this, I wanna buy that thing, all in just 2 days-off with a lot of tasks awaits. Well, life has a funny way! :) 


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