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So happy to come back here again. Actually, I'd like to post about food and recipe for something that I've made last day - but I got lack of photos because I did everything by myself huhuhu need my sister here. Then I prefer to post an article about my room that already re-decorate for about few weeks ago (man, it's already 2014!). Well, new lighting, new tone, new color but still without any window :( There are only glass block that solved the problem to make my room looks brighter than before at noon. 

my new favorite spot

I found this glass table. This actually my old table and I change the function of this glass table into glass board to write everything as reminder hehehehehe :p

All frames on the wall are already filled 

The scenery right after I open my eyes in the morning. Pictures.

Some furniture are still using the old ones, but I made the slightly longer in length. There's also a small table at the corner of the room as my mini work space. 

 little corner//little joy

I guess my room is not really change too much, but the different is on the wall and door color. I made it the same. Silver Skates and White are perfect combination.

IDK : Why I'm still here. I'm supposed to left the town in early December 2013 but, here I am. Hopefully the rumors is right. I stay 'here' and still got my internship. *finger-crossed*


  1. saya suka bagian The scenery right after I open my eyes in the morning. Pictures.
    dimana belinya jepitannya? dan kalo googling keywordnya apa yaa?


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