Leaving On A Jet Plane

There are so many things that I've been through as collegian. This is my second year in college and somehow I have to move away to the busiest city in Indonesia for internship program. Jakarta. I'm not sure about the certainty, but the possibility is wide open and I have to stay for about 6 months (again). This is my half journey of being Vice Chief of Redaction Dept. of PECC 13/14, and I haven't finished it yet. This is the opportunity and my goal for graduate soon but (there's always but in every blessings) isn't it too soon? 
I'll miss everyone! I'll miss everything. Moreover, since my Dad is already passed away which is mean Mom will be at home. It quite burdens me. I've been thinking about it since I knew the truth that she says she will be okay but there must be time when she feels so lonely.

Some straight and surprised-face is also showed by my PECC's mate. I'm gonna miss them all! Worst thing that could be happen is on that day when I finish my internship and back home, I'll see the successor of officers that already established while I taking my internship. Happy yet hurt. I'm gonna miss some project that long ago we prepared. OMG I feel like I'm gonna go far far away. Funny yet too much, huh?

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