I face this space instead of my workspace on word document. I've just finished all of my assignment! HAHAHA finally x) well, alright just ignore it because here I wouldn't talk about school things. My last weekend spent when I went to Jogjakarta to visited my sister's new house. I feel so happy that she finally rent a house in a suburban of Jogjakarta (so it is not too crowd and still reachable to go to the town). The neighbor is also very warm, they were smile at me when I accompanied my sister visited them. I always like the ambiance of this tiny beautiful city :) we arrived there about 8.15 p.m and spent the whole night at Kongkalikong's Caffee and Dine for diner.
One thing that make my Jogja's Trip is different from the usual is; I intend to watch an exhibition from my favorite illustrator Lala Bohang. She held "Gendis" visual exhibition since September, 7th 2013 at Lir Shop near the downtown. First time I arrived at that place was about 9.20 p.m and find out that the place is already closed. Well, closed. I was afraid I couldn't come back again next day because you know my family come along and I didn't know that they like my destination to watch this exhibition. Out of expectation! my whole family asked me to back again to Lir at noon! they came along and like the exhibition so much. 

"Kaki sayang untuk pergi-pergi. Malah kutanam dalam-dalam"

My whole family are actually likes art. Almost all of my family member could draw and make something that related to art and hand-making. Mom, since few years ago accept every order to make an ornament from beads, my old sister...ah no one doubting her skill in drawing. I like the way she draw something. My brother, he like drawing his favorite cartoon character (not as often as when he was on school), my dad is also good in handwriting and drawing :) and I.....trapped in science instead of canvas and paint colors........ Well, there are a BUNCH of photos (I know) I had trouble when choosing the photos I'd like to share here hehehehe I couldn't stop watching Kak Lala Bohang's artwork when I explored each of them. I observed every detail of her artwork, and I feel the main character of "Gendis" is every canvas space.

My most favorite caption; 

"Pelangiku dan pelangimu berbeda rasa selalu begitu"

Beside of Kak Lala Bohang's artworks, the place was veeeery interesting! I swear I loooove that place! I haven't meet the place like Lir, here in my town. I like old house and its all-white decoration. The stuffs and the books! So many windows which give the space for wind blows. Lir's keeper is also friendly :) She welcomed me and greet me with some tiny conversation. Lir is actually a place which not only served a good food but also a space for art exhibition and piles of books which freely to read. They also sells an adorable things, even some of them from the artist who had held an exhibition at Lir. I myself brought pieces of cutest gift tag only for 10.000 rupiahs

"hmm ibu ngantuk, tempatnya enak" 

We had no chance to try some food there but I guarantee the food must be awesome (I've checked the book of menues :p) I'm gonna come back there if it possible when someday I visited my sister. Unfortunately, I couldn't met Kak Lala. She was already back to Jakarta and she was there only at the opening and closing (maybe) but at least, I can see Kak Lala through "Gendis" :)

 now playing "Oh God by Jamie Cullum"

Seems like falling to the deep down of the well. To be honest, I was a bit shocked to start this term. I feel lost and don't know what to do. I started my first week at school so bad. No excellent thing came out....no spirit, just flat even in some subject. I felt so lame. The lamest! I just too in love with holiday, and it accidentally killed my focus. I have no idea, can I continue it? I wondering what will happen if I keep following my heart and stop here, then moving. My uncertainty to stand here and chasing all of those subjects have been bothering me for a years, but still I can't do anything. Such a fool... I know. One thing that burden me more is; I kinda lost my 'buddy' maybe it just jealous but slowly but sure I realize myself is always hold everything that I would like to share. I was stop sharing, I stop trust to anyone about 'what is exactly on my mind'. I want to share, but my mouth was freezing. It confuse me. Talking with God should be enough but you know, I was the type of girl who like openness. I just felt they just not into me, anymore. And here I am, talking to you by typing some suck stories and only God who listening through my heart :')

"Oh God can you tell us when it's going to stop...."

Note this! I didn't make any post on August. No one! Not at all! and today is the 1st day of September! *bang* I feel guilty by myself, regarding I said that I will post as often as I can during my holiday on my previous post, but in fact I DIDN'T huhuhu. Well, the reason why? Busy! Yap! I've been busy all those time. At the end of my holiday, I was preoccupied by some preparation for the last day of orientation week on campus. I work for Cakra's Event which is the one day for UKMs to promote their program to new student of my campus. We did it well!!! I was so happyyy, satisfy and no one can compare the guys who involved with our Cakra's perform! Hopefully by this way, we could make a good relationship with another organization. In this case we invited HME (Himpunan Mahasiswa Elektro) to join to our flash mob. it was sooo coooooooool!

We performed almost in the mid day, new student seems to feel the heat of the bright sun - but at the PPM they looked so enthusiastic sign up their name to our list. I wish some of they student are gonna be our successor who run this org. Ameeennn :)

I would like to say thank you to all my basecamp-mate who did totally and rock the show! thank you thank you sooooo much. Well, this semester is gonna be hard, I know. Just read the schedule for the first day school of 3rd term. *BIG SIGH* I talked to myself that if yesterdays event was going well, proved by high interest from new student, I guess it might be my last contribution (which is totally given). I have a lot of duty. School. Coffee shop, are awaits and I have to face it. In a further condition, I will only following them :) 

By the way my new bright nest is ready! I just have to put the shelves at the corner and done! Gonna share you aaaaaa can't wait! Mwah!