Big Daddy

Hi! How's life? It's Ramadhaaaaannn! Yay! Alhamdulillah we still have a chance to meet Ramadhan this year. I know, this time in Ramadhan will be 1000000 times different from previous years. Yes, my Dad is already 'back home' and then my sister is finally have a baby!! She finally pregnant after her hard time on her previous pregnancy, my big brother is still on suburban for his job - and here I am. Just with my Mom. She's my only reason for me to stay strong and keep struggling in life. Tough people are those who accept alteration. Those words line are always flying on my mind. All of this alteration, is the God's way to make me better in life. It makes me remember about what my sister's said to me yesterday that "God makes everything in a right time. It's never too late or too soon." My Dad may never see his grand-child in my sister's 1st pregnancy last 2 years ago, but InsyaAllah..Dad has already met his grand-child before his soul blown to my sister :') hopefully.. 

This Ramadhan is totally different...
I have to accept it. Dad must know that we can through it all
We will always missing you, my Daddy :)

..Selamat lebaran, Abah. Ngapuntenipun Fira :')



  1. waa semangat ya ^^ meskipun cuma berdua sama ibu.. and hope your daddy rest in peace :)

  2. Ameeeeen yaRabb O:) iyap! terima kasih


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