Quality. Not Quantity

As a girl, I do have some passion to buy something that catch my eyes, my heart, and not burdening my wallet of course. Sometimes, people do serve the cheap stuff for those who have limited cash but still be able to follow some trend. But in the other side, there are also some people who more prioritizing the quality than the price. The price will following, based on the quality of that product itself. I used to sold my artwork in the form of digital image which is made by hand on its process. I was always trying to give them, my customer the best artwork I made to make them glad and willing to come to me again and order some of my artwork. Making some custom artwork isn't that easy as you think. You're not only scratch that pencil on the paper and it will be move by itself as closely like your imagination. It is need positive energy and glad feeling. Some artist could work in the pressure of dateline, but not for me (eventhough I'm not a professional artist). Yes I had some brand, some of you who had order my artwork must be know "You Are On Your Mug" and then my secondary project was "The Pencil Case" -- Yeaaa, I am a person behind that brand.

In this case, having online shop/sell something through social media needs more responsibility. Start from the brand, the product, the price, the service, and the quality. On my own business, I've got a complain from my customer. The content was very easy "Thanks, I like it. But, next time just make sure to make it keep clean. I see something in the back side of your mug. The ink is melt and littering. Little bit disappointed, but it's okay, I need this mug as soon as possible for my boyfriend's birthday gift. Thankyou". I felt supermega guilty at that time! From her complain I know one thing that, selling something is not always about the money. Get their heart first with your ability to give more quality of your product then the money will come to you. And I prove it! I show my previous artwork to my customers, and I'm not lying to tell my weakness and difficulties about some custom which is tricky. I better say "No, I cannot draw like that. I am still learning" than I have to tell that I know every technique of draw something with level complexity that's beyond of my ability. 

I think it's okay if we want to buy some unbranded stuff, but make sure to still keep the originality of us. Like dad used to say to me to buy something original and in a good quality. Good quality would never lying. It might need more cost but it won't be worth it as well. Ah.. I miss my Dad. I wish he was here, and he must be mad at me because buying something that improperly purchased. Take responsibilty.

promise 100% original.......

PS: I'm sorry for those tried so hard to asked me to draw again, the school really take my time to draw. As I said, fine art needs positive energy and happy feeling. I would rather to say "No" than "Yes" but I give you a bullshit of sweet words of my artwork it would be :) Just wait for me to come back soon. Thank you.. I love you..


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