Saying Goodbye

Michael Buble & Norah Jones - Don't Know Why

I don't know what is the perfect word to start this post. I learned to never hurt someone else, although the way to prove it is seems trouble and wrong. I learned to speak up though that was hard for me and will make some other heart in pieces. I learned everything about me, because sometimes I don't really know what exactly I want. It is just confusing. Life goes on....... I just want to enjoy it all alone by my self.

Well, had this snacks recently and this cookies is highly recommended! I like cookies so much moreover choco-chips cookies, but sometimes there's a bitter taste after I take some cookies which is consists full of milk, chocolate, and calories of course. But Quaker Oats - Oatmeal Cookies Apple and Cinnamon flavour is very different. I don't like oat meals, but I like this cookies! The taste is very mild and not really sweet, even I don't need to take some water after I eat this cookies because of its mild taste. It available in 3 variant flavour, Apple and Cinnamon, Honey Nuts, and Raisins. No fat left :)

just check out the ingredients

Another snacks for my last day of holiday. I have to back to school on Monday! Collegiaaannnzzzzz

I'd like to advise you to buy the original flavour or the spicy one. I would prefer the 'real' tom yum :|

decoration fridge magnet I brought last day.

Bye holiday... bye, you :')


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